Web-Building Guide: Introducing Web basics.

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Web-Building Guide: Introducing Web basics.

Are you building your own Website?


It's a world wide web out there!

If you are new to Website building and want to learn the ropes, yet not be bombarded with too much information, this story may help to make your journey a pleasurable and a good one.

Pradichya Poonyarit

To all Website newbies out in the big world wide web, I share my experiences with you: From when the beginning of the idea of owning a site manifested itself inside my head, through many research hours- plus being bombarded with too much information- to slowly, but maturely finding my way through many trials and errors, and a lot of frustration. Hopefully, this story will help to make your Website- building journey a good learning experience and a pleasurable one.

How I build this website

Pradichaya Gafaae Poonyarit shares with you her experience and, hopefully, her 'know-how.' From what inspired her to start her online business and the Do's and Don'ts, to how she ended up with the La CoffeeMelodie Suite website, along with tips and techniques and guidelines.

2006 was when the idea of having a Website came to me. From then on, there was no turning back. This journey was written in 2008.

la-coffee-melodie-suite la-coffee-melodie-suite

This is a story of my Website journey, shared in a simple and conversational story-telling style. I don't own a lot of fancy vocabulary and highly technical Web-talk terms, so therefore I do not use them. If you are looking for a textbook, “how-to” kind of guide, or if you know your way around or have started a Website or two already, chances are you have more knowledge than I. This section is not for you, then, and, perhaps, I -and others- can learn from you!

If this is the case- and you would like to pass that knowledge onward- I encourage you to do so. A lot of people will benefit from the information you graciously provide. Please visit Get Involved to share your Website knowledge in our Sharing-is-Caring program.

To the rest of the newbies, and to some small toddlers like I used to be, please follow me! My story is quite long, and I have broken it down into several smaller sections so that your brain-eyes won't be flooded with too many letters at a time.

La CoffeeMelodie Suite

I really hope you make something out of it!
Let's start!!!


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The goal of La CoffeeMelodie Suite is to provide its audience with useful information, for both general education and on specific topics of interest. It has every intention of keeping learning entertaining, yet real, through the use of real life, day-to-day scenarios of what goes on in this family of six. At the same time, it also wants to increase within everyone the awareness of raising a family responsibly, in the hope that this will develop into the production of better quality, and therefore better citizens in society.

The team at this site is working continuously to fulfill its goal, in the hope that La CoffeeMelodie Suite will soon be a one-stop hub for all.