Voice lessons are a necessity

Ralph Schatzki-The Voice Station-Core Melody Voice Studio

by Ralph Schatzki

Everyone's voice is unique, but the vocal mechanism is fragile and subject to lasting damage if abused. Vocal study is a necessity for anyone who wants to perform at the highest level and reach their fullest potential as a singer.

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Voice lessons are a necessity for serious singers!

There are as many kinds of singers as there are people, and this individuality is cause for celebration. One can not, however, justify one's artistic merit based on uniqueness. Great people in every field-art, sports, medicine, you name it- constantly develop and refine their talents through education, training, and practice. If one aspires to be a serious singer, he needs to study singing as seriously as an aspiring doctor or athlete studies his craft.

Everyone's voice is unique,
---------------but the vocal mechanism is fragile and subject to lasting ---------------damage if abused. Contrary to popular opinion, voice lessons do not make a singer less flexible: they actually give singers the strength and flexibility to enable them to explore further their artistic and musical capabilities. Vocal study is a necessity for anyone who wants to perform at the highest level and reach their fullest potential as a singer.
From a marketing perspective, American Idol is pure genius.
---------------Let the music-buying public decide which singer is the ---------------most marketable, and presto: an instant market is ---------------created for that singer. There are some drawbacks to the ---------------show, however. One is that the years of work many of the ---------------contestants have spent in becoming better singers is not visible to the television audience: they simply appear at an audition- like a meteor fallen from the sky- and we are led to believe that almost anyone could do the same and get discovered as the next great talent. An even worse problem, though, is that many listeners are fooled into thinking that a good act equates with good singing. The show is not just about good singing, however: it is also about performing. The music world is full of performers who are famous because of their acts; and, while this is a perfectly viable avenue to stardom, there are a lot of artists who succeed for reasons other than their voices, and some in spite of them.
Talent is just a jumping-off point.
---------------If someone has talent it means simply they have a ---------------chance at success- not that they are guaranteed it or ---------------entitled to it. The desire to make the most of one's ability ---------------is an even more important ingredient for success, and ---------------this means doing whatever it takes to become better at what one does. Practice, education, and feedback are just some of the tools people use in this effort. Kobe Bryant, the Los Angeles Lakers star, practices every day, studies film of both himself and his opponents, and measures his success and effort with each game he plays. He constantly works at getting better: you don't see him relying solely on his natural ability.
Singing is the same.
There are some people with tremendous talent, and many more with some, but what they all share is the need to improve and to become the best they can be. Diligent and purposeful study are critical, because the voice is fragile and subject not only to bad habits that might hamper progress, but also to lasting damage that can never be undone. So, finding a good teacher is important not only to get on the right path, but also to keep off all the bad ones. This is the only way to reach for success.
If you are an aspiring singer,
find a great voice teacher.

If you are in the Lehigh Valley, check out

Core Melody Voice Studio.
Ralph Schatzki
is a professional opera singer and long-time voice teacher. He has performed and taught in both the United States and Thailand and is committed to bringing great singing- through both education and performing- into the lives of everyone who wants it. He currently is teaching at Core Melody Voice Studio, a private studio run by him and his wife, Pradichaya Poonyarit.

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