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Trick-Or-Treat Halloween 2009 with Chidren at La CoffeeMelodie Suite

Trick-Or-Treat Halloween 2009 with Chidren at La CoffeeMelodie Suite.

Trick-Or-Treat Halloween 2009 with Chidren at La CoffeeMelodie Suite

It is more than a bag filled with candies and the fun of knocking on neighbors' doors.
As a family, we make it an opportunity to bond with our children.

Halloween with Children

The thing that most fascinates our children about living in America is the change of the seasons. They look forward to that first snowflake and dream about snow days, when they and their neighboring friends can go to our backyard all wrapped up in winter gear so they can sled and slide down onto an empty street covered with snow. They look forward to the first signs of budding on the trees. Come summer, they can put on sandals and play outside in shorts while licking the very fast melting ice-cream cones. Then the summer ends, and the only thing that compensates for going back to school is watching the trees change colors. They shed their leaves as the wind becomes blustery, and the kids start getting more excited as Halloween approaches.

Trick-Or-Treat, Halloween 2009 La CoffeeMelodie Suite Style Trick-Or-Treat, Halloween 2009 La CoffeeMelodie Suite Style Trick-Or-Treat, Halloween 2009 La CoffeeMelodie Suite Style

Our eighteen year old is out of the house and at college, so this Halloween we only had three sets of costumes-masks- weapons to deal with. The kids had been sick for two weeks with the flu - yes, that horrible flu. We took them to their pediatrician again to make sure they were not contagious and would be well enough to go out. "But not in the rain," our doctor emphasized (put in your favorite Indian accent): "They must not trick-or-treat in the rain."

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We decided that, instead of just going out and T-or-T-ing from our neighbors, we'd do things together as a family. Kaitlyn and her big brothers wanted to make Halloween cupcakes, watch a Halloween movie, and for me to make an easy, early dinner. All activities were to be accomplished and leave enough time for us, the parents, to help get them dressed and looking scary, spooky and pretty in their pirate, ghost warrior, and southern belle outfits, respectively.

We moved from Thailand to have a second chance at being a family. After many years there it crushed me that Ralph and I were busy working, and many more hours were lost being stuck in Bangkok's rush hour traffic which lasts practically all day and 1/2 the night. Our children spent more time growing up with our maids, eating the meals they made for them - not my own. We, like other Bangkokian parents, were trying our best to spend the rest of our waking moments making up the lost time with our kids. Some parents could do it, but not me. I didn't have the stamina. I felt that kind of life wasn't agreeable with us. This is why last week, when the kids presented me with the Halloween activity request, I immediately agreed to it.

Ralph and the kids have fun together
We had an easy morning of lounging around in our pyjamas, talking and teasing each other in the kitchen. I was so glad that our children finally felt better and had regained their normal energy. Even though this meant I had to engage myself more often in countless conversations (Kaitlyn) and countless questions and comments, mostly about history -war stories and medieval weapon discussions (Justin). Even Nicholas, the quiet one, was more talkative than usual, and he and Ralph had a nice time together. All that was missing was Brendan, but Brendan is on the verge of starting his own life. This is his time to explore the world that is new to him and to set his own boundaries - and we are very happy for him and excited with him.

Cupcake Cupcakes Cupcakes
We giggled and laughed through our cupcake-making process. Kaitlyn showed us a picture of a "Boo" cupcake where marshmallow was covered with white frosting, and pieces of candies were put in the places of eyes and nose. The end product was supposed to be something that resembled a white ghost with his arms raised as if to scare people. We really intended to make a bunch of "Boo" cupcakes; but, because we were so creative, instead of "Boo" we got "Bow-wow." In fact, all the puppy cupcakes looked really good as dogs (not ghosts). We admired our work and I took pictures: a lot of pictures of the cupcakes, our kids, our kids eating cupcakes, etc. I don't know if these pictures will still be around when I'm old and possibly senile; or if, by then, it will mean anything to me. When I took the pictures it was meant for now - the present - to remember our happiness through my action. When I revisit these pictures I will remember how I felt at that particular time, and I'll get to re-live the happiness all over.

Nicholas and his cupcake Justin and his cupcake Kaitlyn is ready to eat her cupcake
We watched a very scary movie that we had picked up from Walmart earlier. (Never pay more than 7.50 - How many times do we watch a movie more than once anyway?) Great cast with Kiefer Sutherland as the lead. The suspense was very good, and Kaitlyn and I were snuggling close together in the same blanket along with a piece of a gently used napkin - for me to block our viewing path during extreme-super-highly suspense-ghost-jumps out-at-us moments. The funny thing is, I don't remember the title of the movie at all. And, three paragraphs ago, I didn't even remember if we ended up watching a movie or not. According to my eldest son I am not offically "old," yet, but I do have a bit of short-term memory loss. Soon enough I might opt for "selective memory" (My grandmother used it with her children, and my mother is using it with my sister and me.) As long as, when I grow old, I "remember" not to venture into the land of "elaborated memory"- as to "total memory make-over"- I should still be liked by my husband and children! This is why I do a lot of things for "today." I find pleasure in my family, and I cherish the moment in-the-moment. Should I forget it later I didn't miss out on anything :-)

At the end of the movie I was running around putting together a quick meal. After I asked Ralph to make sure he was on Justin and Kaitlyn to shower (oh yes, they are at the ages that we have to make sure that they shower), I got my dinner ready. Halloween meal was about "Bloody Meatballs" with simple linguini in garlic-spinach and olive oil. The recipe is up in http://www.chef-me-not.com I even let the kids get the "bloody stains" on their costumes, with the exception of Kaitlyn because she chose to be a southern belle - or, a south-east Asian belle, as she put it after gving it a lot of thought.

Pirate Ghost warrier Southern belle

Kaitlyn and meatballs
We got everyone dressed and out of the house just in time for trick-or-treating. However, we only did one out of two hours that was provided by our township. Our back-up plan was for Ralph to bring the car to the end of our planned destination, and we were so glad that he did, since the rain started to pour and a lot of kids got drenched. We got home, dried up, and enjoyed giving treats to our trick-or-treaters, who were not afraid of rain. We finished the rest of our "bloody" meatballs, and we had a "memorable" time: if I can remember later!

Have you had your "Halloween" with your family? Don't wait until next year. You can have a little bit each day with them. You can even call the occasion anything you want; or, not give it a name at all.

Happy Halloween - or not - just, Happy!!!!

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