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The Invincible You:

Surviving Social Media

Knowing how to filter information and to stay unaffected in order to keep one's peace of mind, and therefore strengthen one's focus and "knowing" stage.

Tags: invincible, social media, unaffected, peace of mind, knowing

It was a lot easier only a few decades ago, when newspaper, radio, and television were the only sources to report what was happening all around us. We paid attention to current affairs, and when it all got too much to bear, we just stopped reading, listening, and watching for awhile. With today's technology almost everything is just about live: we find out within seconds about events that have just taken place, and in a split second we couple ourselves with such events, riding along "live," in the front seat. Taking part in an event without the actuality of being present.

Most of the time, being up-to-the second with current events helps us reach out in time to help those who fall victim in many situations. Immediate aid and relief for natural disasters and other emergencies are direct benefits from the global outreach via social media. For millions of people living abroad, being able to keep up with their countries' domestic situations -not to mention keeping in touch with their relatives and friends- is indeed a good thing.

A computer desktop system used to be a luxury item for many families back in -say- the 80s. In the present day, just about everyone owns not only a desktop, but also a laptop, a tablet and/or notebook, a smart phone, and -if one also takes up photography- a top of the line camera with a data plan. Therefore, it's quite natural that updating status, pinning, sharing, tweeting and more have become big parts of our daily routine. We have given them a large portion of our time and they have -for some of us- become priorities.

Like many, I hardly watch the news or read a newspaper, now. It used to be one would sip coffee in the morning and watch the local news on the television while reading the newspaper, but this has been replaced by sipping coffee while scrolling through newsfeeds and the latest tweets. Should any link perk my interest, I’ll click to take a look. If any content interests me and is worth sharing, I will share. Because it is so easy to click “share,” let's face it: everything is worth sharing- from a civil war to a photo of a cat making faces.

(FYI: I hope you understand I am updating my Facebook status and tweets while writing this article.)

This means that because news -and non-news- is generated with a click, everything is out there on display as fast as the blink of an eye. The more social media friends one has, the more and the faster her newsfeed is flooded. It also means that one sees real news, fake news, inspirational quotes, tasteless joke of the day, political and religious statements, dog-baby-cat-horse and Photoshopped-to-death sunrise and sunset photos, and a lot more. While it could be funny and annoying at times, while scanning the newsfeed one has got to keep in mind that she, too, practices the same behavior. Therefore, my first suggestion is to browse all posts with a light heart and an open mind. One doesn't have to like or agree with every post and definitely should not waste the-inner-chi (Energy, get it? Haha.) on the emotional roller coaster caused by any post one dislikes or disagrees with. Read, digest, absorb (if the information is good) or trash it (if it's not doing you any good), and move on or move away.

The negative side of live updates can sneak up on anyone at any time, especially if he has a particular topic in mind and has been following it intensely. If one is not careful, a person with a large amount of unfiltered information might feel weighty and could get dragged into a whirlpool, spinning over and over all the way to the deep dark bottom of the ocean. It does take a while for the affected individual to realize that he has become a social media update addict (or slave?). Sometimes, it takes real people who care -such as loving family members- to gently remind him that it's time to take a break from tapping keypads and clicking, so he could regenerate his state of mind.

Take a glance, look, even read, smile or frown, and then put it behind. This is one way to survive social media.

Balance online socializing with real live updates of offline socializing. Take your eyes off your device, smile and talk to the people around you.

That's how to become invincible.

Socially Yours-How to Facebook with style. A note about the need to share:
from a business aspect.

This is something of which most of us are aware, but there is still a majority of social media surfers who are not- which is why I need to address this.

Before one takes off with her like, dislike, share, good- or let-them-have-it comment, and #mention, please remember that any contributions of his in cyberspace will nudge the original poster one notch closer to being "viral," to the top of the charts -whether it's a social platform or the first page of Google search results. An advertiser (business owner) welcomes any action from everyone, since it is why a social media is set up -all for virality. Most often, these posts will grab attention, both from the positive, but especially from the negative aspect, because human curiosity tends to draw us more toward the negative side of things.

My suggestion is to read the content, cross reference from other sources (if such information appears on a social media platform. I'm sure it appears in other places, too), and lastly, use one's own commonsense. It also helps to understand the original poster's intention. Most importantly, refrain from that on-the-spur-of-the-moment itch to like and spread the info. -Most of the times, those moments return in some form of regrets. Think about the impact of one "like" and one more "share."

As long as one is aware of one's own contribution (which is, in a way, accepting the terms of use) go on -like, comment, or share. Know also that your action can add fuel to the fire -even bring destruction- and/or spread global love and peace.

Socially Yours-How to Facebook with style.

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The Invincible You: Surviving Social Media. Knowing how to filter information and to stay unaffected in order to keep one's peace of mind, and therefore strengthen one's focus and knowing stage.

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