Family Room celebrates Sarah Kennedy Kelley and Francis Loren Kelley.

Celebrating The Kelleys

Sarah, Frank, and Lorraine

...Every family has their own stories to tell. Presented here are short biographies of Ralph (Schatzki)'s mother (Lorraine) and her parents (Sally and Frank) ....

Ralph's maternal side

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Sarah Kennedy Kelley
Francis Loren Kelley
Lorraine Kelley Schatzki

Sarah Kennedy Kelley

Born August 8, 1914 - Cape Breton Island, Canada
Died in Tempe, AZ - August 14, 2005

Married Francis Loren Kelley on December 30, 1933

Sarah was the oldest girl in a family of ten children and left Canada in the summer of 1933 to visit her aunts, in Boston. There, she met Frank Kelley, and they were married within three months.

Although this was at the height of the Great Depression, they knew how to save money, and after renting several homes they bought their first house in 1941, in Arlington, Massachusetts.

"Sally," as she was known, had a happy life as a wife and mother. They had only one daughter, Lorraine, born December 3, 1934, and the family of three was a happy one. Sally would return each summer to Canada to visit her parents, and when three grandsons entered her life she was ecstatic. Her grandsons have marvelous memories of her playing ball, sledding and baking with them, and of sleeping over when they were in town.

She was devastated to lose her husband.

Eventually, she moved to Arizona to be near her daughter and family. Being a great grandmother was a joyful time for her, and at least one great grandson remembers how every time she would visit she would have cookies or toys.

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Francis Loren Kelley

Born May 14, 1911
Died April 7, 1986

As a young teenager, Frank left school to help support his mother and his five half-siblings.

At the time he met Sally, he was working for Sunshine Biscuits, where he remained until 1950. The family then moved to Cape Breton Island with the thought of taking up permanent residence there, but positions were hard to find and they finally returned to Arlington, Massachusetts after only half a year. He resumed working at Sunshine Biscuits, retiring at an early age and returning to Canada.

He loved driving, and the long trip to visit his daughter, son-in-law and three grandsons in Texas was a treat for him. He was of the belief that his daughter gave him new places to visit, and the trips were an adventure for both his wife and him. He taught his grandsons how to play poker and cribbage and would play lots of board games with them.

His hobby was fixing things, wallpapering, painting, and taking care of things around the house. He was an upbeat, smart man, and his family meant everything to him.

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Lorraine Kelley Schatzki

Born December 3, 1934

Daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother, she was a nurse at Mount Auburn Hospital and graduated from Simmons College. She was the only child of Sally and Francis Kelley and had an easy childhood.

She married George Schatzki on June 22, 1957, and in l958 they started their travels. First was Washington D.C., followed by: Texas, Cambridge, Texas, Seattle, Connecticut, and finally Tempe, Arizona.

Her motto is "have passport will travel." Her children never seemed to complain about moving and learned new places.

At the age of 50 she started working as a development officer for non-profit organizations.

Each new daughter-in-law is a joy to the family and allowed George and Lorraine to travel more.

She served as docent at the Heard Museum in Phoenix and taught art masterpieces as a volunteer in the public schools.

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