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Suor Angelica. One-act opera by Giacomo Puccini.

Synopsis and a full-length video of Suor Angelica. One-act opera by Giacomo Puccini -the second opera of Il Trittico. Featured Pradichaya Gafaae Poonyarit in the title role performing in Capitol Opera Harrisburg production.


Read the artist's article: Wearing-Angelica


~Video: Watch the whole opera (appoximately 50 minutes long)~



Suor Angelica, a daughter of a noble Florentine family, has spent the last seven years in the seclusion of a convent as punishment for her sin. Having become an expert at crafting herbal remedies, her true, hidden desire is to hear from her family once again, and to gather news of her illegitimate son whom she has not seen since his birth and her banishment.

Her aunt, the Principessa, arrives. Angelica is informed that her younger sister is to be married, but her joy is tempered by the older woman's insistence that she sign away forever her inheritance. She tells Angelica that she should spend the remainder of her life as a nun in the convent as penance for her shameful act. When Angelica asks for news of her son, the Principessa replies coldly that two years ago he died from a fever. In despair, Angelica signs the document and, as the Principessa leaves, collapses in sobs.

In letting Angelica fall upon me there are compromises that I have to make when it comes to the differences between us. Should the same misfortune happen to me -Pradichaya, The urge to be with my child will out- power the guilt and the shame. -I would scream and kick my way out of the convent long before seven years have passed, and that nasty aunt will have a taste of the true Pradichaya. But of course, Puccini didn't write an opera called, "Pradichaya and her revenge on the nasty aunt who took over her inheritance," so I have to settle with the gentle, repentant, and walk-around-with-a-secret-larger-than-a-Thai-elephant Angelica.

With this news of her son's death, Angelica resolves to commit suicide. She mixes a deadly potion of herbs and drinks it, only to realize that to kill oneself is a mortal sin. As she is dying, she begs for mercy from the Virgin Mary, and her prayer is answered: her son, accompanied by the Virgin, appears to take her to Heaven.


Sister Angelica - Pradichaya Gafaae Poonyarit
The Princess - Mary Catherine Moroney
The Abbess - Elizabeth Splaine
The Monitor - Kim O'Bryan
The Mistress of Novices - Kim Shank
Sister Genevieve - Sophia Thompson
Sister Dolcina & Sister Osmina - Lynn Panattoni
The Tourieres - Alexandra Amrine & Sara Goldman
The Novices - Nicole Shank & Lydia DeKok
The Lay-Sisters - Bethany Rainey and
Hannah Rainey

Lily Grace Eckroth
Jackson Rainey
Jessica Rainey
Juliette Rainey
Dante Sarracino


Conductor - Jay Risser
Accompanist - Lindsay Fitzke
Rehearsal Accompanist - Daniel Dorty
1st Violin - Cimone Phillips
2nd Violin Caitlyn Lynch & Erin Deitrick
Flute - Alyson Zeigler
Piccolo - Jennifer Kelley
Bassoon - Craig Kyle
Horn - Andrew Exner


Kathleen Torchia


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