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The freedom to do-it-your-way!

What is CoffeeTube Video Entertainment?

CoffeeTube has two fuctions: One, It features videos, videos, and videos, and, two, it serves as a video embedding platform which also combines the function between video sharing and content blogging.

What is unique about CoffeeTube?

Unlike other video platforms where the displayed page makes it look like there's comparison and competition among videos -which makes it difficult for your video to stand out and get the attention, CoffeeTube puts the focus on each video. There is only one video per page. Therefore, the attention is fully given to the particular video -one video at the time. Each page allows the participant to add descriptive content, whether it is short-or-long and extensive, to her/his video. Meanwhile, you still benefit from viewers' rating, feedback and comments. The URL on the video page will be made of word strings instead of the usual letters and numbers. Each video page will carry the video's title/topic in the URL, this will bring your video closer to the attention of the Internet surfers.

What's the catch?

No catch. No fee, no membership, and no email solicitation. You embed your video and build your own page when it convenients you.

What are the rules?

Two rules, and a note: One, the video has to be your own video, and, two, let's keep it clean.
Note: Our little CoffeeTube monkeys whose job is to view each video will say "Nooooh noohhh naaaah naaahhhh" to the ones that are not appropriate or are controversial.

Submit Your Video

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Use this easy submission form to embed your YouTube and YouTube-like videos.

Embed and write a little, or, -a lot- about your video. Think of it as your one-time video blog. Attach a photo only if you want to.

No account to open and no profile to build. No "become a member" or "join our community" that requires you to fill out private information. No strings and, no catch! Submit only when you want to. What you'll get is your video page with its own URL which comes supplied with keywords and description, search-friendly, and, therefore, search-able. A unique video page of its own. -Just for you.

Great idea for performing artists, bands, family, funny, and instructional videos!!

CoffeeTube Video Entertainment

A video platform that gives you the freedom to do it your way!

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Click here to write your own.


Coffee Tube Video Entertainment - Watch music videos, cooking videos, video tutorials, and just plain family fun videos.
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Would you like to turn your hobby into an income? An honest, straight forward guide to the 'how-to'
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--CoffeeTube Video Entertainment--

Join the fun! Submit Your Video today!
Submit your video FREE at CoffeeTube Video Entertainment
by La Coffee Melodie Suite. Free video submission.
The freedom to do-it-your-way!

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