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Demo Recording Handbook
The basic guide to do-it-yourself demo recording: For my students, singing colleagues, and performing artists who need to make the recordings periodically as a part of vocal growth and maintenance; this tutorial handbook will guide you through and introduction and basics of self producing recording.
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Voice lessons are a necessity
Everyone's voice is unique, but the vocal mechanism is fragile and subject to lasting damage if abused. Contrary to popular opinion, voice lessons do not make a singer less flexible: they actually give singers the strength and flexibility to enable them to explore further their artistic and musical capabilities. Vocal study is a necessity for anyone who wants to perform at the highest level and reach their fullest potential as a singer.
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Voice Teacher or Vocal Coach?
They work toward the same goal. Where the vocal coach works on polishing the performance through a focus on style and musicality, however, the voice teacher's prime objective is to maximize a singer's ability to utilize his actual vocal mechanism.
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Core-Melody: To the basics of singing

I chose the name Core Melody for my voice studio because the words are meaningful. The name stands for the base -the heart and soul- of one's sound production. The ability to make sound, and to sing, is one of our body's natural functions, yet we tend to forget about it and take it for granted, just as we do with our abilities to see, hear, and think.
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The Speaking Voice
The Speaking Voice - General Guideline If you have been unfortunate enough to be around me lately, I must have driven you crazy when we watch the television and encounter someone speaking off her vocal cords- usually resulting in a harsh and dry, hoarse and airy, "floaty" tone. I immediately grab my throat, cover my ears, or utter a sound indicating my at-the-moment low tolerance level - or, all of the above! You wonder, as you quickly push the TV remote to change the channel, "What's the big deal?"
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The Run-Away Voice
The Run-Away Voice Where is it going? Why, and how, does the voice run away? Run-away voices occur when we mistreat our bodies (according to the guidelines, for example), often resulting in an illness such as a cold. It is common for a cold to become a sinus infection, ear infection, or throat infection- tonsillitis or laryngitis.
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Voices of today
What's happened to the voices of today? I am here today to address a health issue. Its importance is not generally recognized, however, and because it is has to do with something that everyone across the nation and globe does naturally, it is quite alarming. Such lack of awareness often leads to a failure to give proper attention and care; and, in the long run, this can potentially become a risk factor.
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On the Breath
"The sweetest three-word phrase that has been, and always will be my favorite since my re-discovery.In singing, it isn't the air itself that matters so much, but how the air is dispensed in...."
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Sing anything you want
"I want to sing normal music, not opera."
When newcomers see my bio, or listen to my audio clips, at some point in the lessons they'd say this to me. I can't help but smile. You can like alternative rock style belting, and I can find bel-canto singing favorable to my taste, and vice versa. -What we like and dislike is just an opinion.
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Sports and Singing
"What do they have in common?"
When you watch an athlete do what he does best, do you think of what it takes for him to get to that level? What about singing? Why compare it with sports?
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Revisiting Alfio
One baritone's experience of performing Alfio.
Cavalleria rusticana, the one-act opera of Pietro Mascagni, one of the standard works in the canon known as verismo; performing it is extraordinarily difficult. Other operas may be far longer or have many more notes, but from beginning to end this opera has such savage emotions, and these are expressed in large part through incredibly brutal singing.
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Core Melody Voice Studio

The Voice Station-Core Melody Voice Studio
Core Melody Voice Studio

Healthy speaking voice:
Vocal health series.

What to do when one faces with vocal fatigue, vocal strain, vocal stress, and vocal loss. A guide for speakers, and those whose profession demands heavy and continuously speaking on a regular basis. more details
Vocal Health for speakers.

Where to look for help, and who can help you when you experience vocal fatigue, vocal strain, or vocal stress. more details
Voice teacher for
healthy speaking.

Taking voice lessons from a good voice teacher covers all needs, from prevention to early detection of vocal fatigue or strain, all the way through the healing procedure and vocal maintenance. more details
Vocal Consultations for Singers

You know you can sing, but at which level would you like to take your talent? Is there room for your ability to grow? Is the sky the limit? Come to the experts for vocal evaluation, vocal advice, and career advice. more details
Vocal Consultations for Speakers

We need our voice to be in healthy shape in order to communicate via speaking, especially those of us who are professional speakers. If you ever experience vocal fatigue, loss of "power", or worse, chronic laryngitis; and would like to change that -and at the same time, start producing a healthy sound- make an appointment for a consulatation with us. We know the way of the voice and will give you sound advice. more details

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