“La musica e la miglior medicina dell'anima. -Music is the best medicine for the soul.”
Performing Artist
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“Vissi d’arte, vissi d’amore. -I lived for art, I lived for love.”  

Core Melody Voice Studio -Easton, Pennsylvania

Singing is such  a fundamental part of being human,  

and becoming a better singer makes us each feel better about ourselves; yet a lot of people believe that singing is somehow different from other activities- that it is a talent one either has or hasn’t- and is therefore unteachable.  Nevertheless, almost every field boasts success stories in which people with seemingly no innate ability become capable, good, or even great, and in every field even the greatest people still take lessons from others.  Determining whether you want to take voice lessons, then, should be based not upon whether you view yourself as a natural singer, but instead upon the importance you place upon the activity in your life.

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