“La musica e la miglior medicina dell'anima. -Music is the best medicine for the soul.”
Performing Artist
Voice Teacher
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“Vissi d’arte, vissi d’amore. -I lived for art, I lived for love.”  

A Thai-born soprano who takes the best from both worlds, Pradichaya sees the way of things from the unexpected -and often unexplored- angle.  

Singing came to her so naturally and so early- as she was learning to talk and walk- that opportunities were provided for Pradichaya to be raised as a child star.  Although it was against her parents’ wishes that she be put in the spotlight, her relatives (who were professional musicians) did so, anyway.   In her one appearance on the Thai Navy radio station when she was merely two years old, she performed duets with a grown-up - a high-ranking navy officer- and it created a lot of buzz around Bangkok.  

Traveling the world with her disciplined, career-oriented parents enabled her to gain a lot of knowledge and advantages in life since her early childhood years.  

Now a grown woman, Pradichaya puts everything she’s learned into everything she does, and she is thankful that she has been given such opportunities to appreciate and celebrate life.