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Socially Yours

Socially Yours: Social Network How-to

This is not technical advice, but more having to do with manners or etiquette.

Social networking is a subject that everyone talks about, everywhere. We can't ignore today's advanced technology, nor fail to take advantage of it, and the subject has found its way into our own family room for discussion among our family members.

We began discussing the relationship between social media and children, but it soon expanded in many directions. We soon realized that the subject is far too important not to share our thoughts and opinions with the general public, resulting in the stand-alone section you are reading right now.

Socially Yours is set up to give advice and to share opinions about online social behavior: manner, etiquette- the basic "how-to." Its main purpose is to bring an awareness to people in order to guide children and adults how to bring good and proper everyday manner into cyberspace and maximize its benefits.

I do not wish to address any technical how-to issues, unless it will lead to appropriate social behavior, since I am well aware that most -if not all- of you have been involved one way or another with at least one social network account, and you all know "how-to" use it very well.

Please take what is useful for you and your family, and do chime in with your thoughts. We strongly believe that just because we have more means to connect across the globe we should not leave our manners at the gate (aka the base of our laptop, destop, smart phone, iThis and iThat, etc.).


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We are an American father who has lived many years in Thailand, a Thai mother who has lived many years in the United States, and four children- the eldest born in America- who spent the first parts of their lives in Thailand and then moved to the USA. This multiculturalism provides a unique perspective and affords each of us the opportunity to approach things from new directions.

We follow our hearts wherever they take us. We also believe in sharing. If another is enriched then so, too, are we, for the betterment of one is the betterment of us all. We share our ideas, thoughts, knowledge and opinions with the hope that others will find value in them, as well as in the hope that they will pay it forward to make the world a continually better place.

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