Snow-shoveling with Justin-La CoffeeMelodie Suite

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Snow-Shoveling. From the viewpoint of a thirteen years-old boy. It's the winter of 2011, and Justin has just begun to help his dad out with shoveling. Watch his video.

Snow-shoveling with Justin

We've got quite a bit of snow and ice this winter -the winter of 2011- and we are only half way over. To tell you honestly, I used to enjoy snow days a lot more because I'd get to stay home from school. Nicholas, Kaitlyn and I would bring out our sleds while dad -and sometimes mom- were busy shoveling. Snow-covered driveway and sidewalk weren't my concern until my dad decided that it was time for me to help.

Shoveling is hard work but it can be done. In my little experience, I've picked up some tips that I find useful and I hope that you will find them useful to you, also.

Video: Snow-shoveling. Winter 2011.

Thank you. Please come back again.
Justin Schatzki

(More than a few-) WORDS from my dad

Snow-shoveling with Justin-La CoffeeMelodie Suite
Justin is a very conscientious person. Even though, at times, he would prefer to follow his heart's desires -who wouldn't?- he never fails to help out when asked.
He has also reached the age when he will help out even when not asked. More than once, he hs simply taken it upon himself to grab a shovel and head out the do the work.
This is not all: he works without any complaint, regardless of the difficulties he encounters. If he's upset that he is working, it doesn't show.
But I don't think he is at all upset. He knows there's a job to be done so he does it; and he toils until it's finished. He takes pride in this.
And I, as his father, take pride in him -even if it's just who he is, it's nice that I never have to cajole him or persuade him.

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