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Bring out your product to the public's eyes. Taking it one step beyond others by being proactive, and apply the pressure at the right place!

A continuation, and an extension of our
Career Consultation Service

There is no formula for success: each of us makes her own successes. Still, in order to succeed we need advice from those who know.

La CoffeeMelodie Suite is unique in that she has been on the inside of the classical music world as well as having experienced a lifelong background in business.

Through an eye of a sales&marketing CEO, with the 'real' experience of working with thousands of 'real' people; and the heart of a passionate musician,
La CoffeeMelodie Suite will guide you through a 'fresh' new approach of bringing yourself - your product to 'center stage'

- - -Innovative- - -
- - -Creative- - -
- - -Experienced- - -
- - -Realistic- - -
- - -Practical- - -
- - -Know-the-business- - -
- - -Truthful- - -
- - -Fair- - -

Smart PR&Advertising Consultant

Finding your way in the music world
- especially as you start, but even as you continue -
is extraordinarily difficult.

There is no established path: you must travel your unique one.

The hardest thing is to be noticed when no one knows who you are.

And how do people find out who you are?
You must be noticed!

With her extensive business and musical background, La CoffeeMelodie Suite is in a unique position and has unique capabilities to help you get noticed by the people who matter.

...those who most successfully adapt to change are those who survive...

Cease from playing the game in the old way, stop looking in the old places for opportunity.

Let's move forward...
...True Artists
Smart PR&Advertising...

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