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Singing and Sales Personality

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What does singing have to do with sales personality?
How (on earth) are they related?

Pradichaya explains all

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Singing and Sales Personality

Continues from The Best of Both Worlds

It may seem a little hard to swallow, when I associate 'singing' or 'singer' with the term 'salesmanship.' 'How dare you', you might say. Dare I? Let me lay it out first, then it's up to you whether you will take it or leave it.

Why do I believe that to be successful a singer must have good salesmanship?

What is salesmanship?

--An ability to sell.

What are you selling?

Your voice? Your artistic ability? Your looks? Your human-relations?


A side bar to explain that 'looks' can be interpreted in different ways. In this case, I refer to two things: One is to the looks you present to convey to the artistic director of the company for which you audition that you pass for a role or roles in such company's productions.

Two is something that I will talk about in a little bit.


Yes, yes, yes, and yes - as you may suspect, is my answer.

You are selling YOU - most of you are aware of this, and may know exactly what to do to best present yourself.

No need to talk about the importance of the voice, yes? At the point where artists present themselves for consideration, I'm sure all the technical aspects are tucked away safely under the belt.

I am not here to tell you something you already know, and some of you may have had a lot of experiences doing and are doing it so well that you perfect the craft of auditioning - at least for the one kind of audition of which you are aware.

There is another kind of audition that you all are doing, day-to-day, and everyday of your life: the kind that challenges you to look deep inside yourself. In order to prep yourself for this audition you need to be strong and courageous, because in order to do well you will have to be truthful to yourself more than you have ever been, be perserverant and patient, and be determined without being swayed by small temptations. Some may find this process a lifetime labor, some may find it easy, some may overlook its importance. And I would like to address this particular day-to-day audition because it's not only adding to yourself a quality that all the ADs and GDs seek (provided that you are great at what you present), but it also helps you through life in everything you do.

Every time you make an entry to the world, you audition. This is where you train your 'self' to present its good quality; polite, honest, easy-going, open-minded, positive, hopeful, kind, and the list goes on. Pay attention to yourself when you walk, when you talk - do you talk with a smile (a genuinely sincere one, not the 'I'm better than you' one!) When people talk to you, do you really hear what they say? Are you too concerned about your next audition for a company and completely forget that the person in front of you could very well become your fan or supporter later on? Be kind, be polite, and be proper. Are you in the habit of gossiping? Please stop: the world has come closer together, and eventually everybody knows everybody. Be proud of yourself, be confident, but be careful not to let things get to your head. Are you condescending? Do you think you are better? When a suggestion or advice is given to you don't be in a hurry to close your eyes and ears. Politely accept advice; or, if it is not applicable, politely discard it.

Salesmanship starts with quality.

It doesn't have anything to do with pretending to be somebody other than yourself, but it has all to do with being yourself that has all the inviting positive energy that opens you up to opportunities, some of which you may not have been made aware that exists.

Add sales personality into your personality

What is sales personality anyway? Sales personality describes a personality that sells, the person, and the person 'sells' his or her product. The term itself applies to everyone, and is not just limited to a sales person.

As you grew up, did you have a favorite teacher - the one that made the most impact on you - was there one teacher that you favored over the other teachers? Why was such teacher much more likeable to you and, perhaps, your classmates? Was it the knowledge that she or he gave you? Or was it 'how' the knowledge was delivered to you?

If your answer was 'how' the knowledge was delivered, then that teacher put his or her sales personality to good use.

Would you rather do banking with a teller who looks happy to give you service, or the one who scowls at you as she or he gives you service?

Now, please look at yourself: When a stranger passes you on a street and happens to be looking at you, do you:

a. look the other way because he makes you feel uncomfortable - did you ever really ask yourself why? b. look down at you feet as you pick up your pace, "What I do is my business, I don't want to be messed with" when the bottom line is, you don't want anyone to really see YOU c. look at him/her to return the favor, "This will teach you to look at me" - a 'fight-back' attitude, developed from point#b, in order to shield-up to make up for the lack of insecurity d. look at him/her with a friendly smile, maybe accompanied with "Hi" and a nod - great, you are ahead in the game, now let's put more elements into you.

It's all about seeing yourself for who and what you are - not avoiding the 'likes' and the 'dislikes' Then, accept who you are. Move on to analyze your 'good' and 'can be improved' quality. Please don't discourge yourself by extending beyond what you come with. - You're better of staying within what's a 'self-given' Next, see what you can do to enhance or nourish the quality that you like (or, should you leave it where it is) - this is your strength, fix what you believe is your weakness, your flaw, the thing that keeps you away from your goal - whether it's short or long-term.

Seeing Self

You see how everything is a full cycle? It looks simple enough, but in a practical manner, it's not an easy task. Some people have lived a lifetime blind-folded and without an ability to see, they can't admit, therefore they can't accept which leads on to living miserable lives - not only they suffer but they make others suffer. You need to achieve an ability to see, then heal yourself; which will make you feel content with who you are. This will let you operate on a secure ground. It will open your mind-eyes and let you see in an open-hearted manner; soon, you can and will achieve your goals. You may wonder what this has to do with salesmanship, sales personality or anything that has to do with sales/selling. It has everything to do with it, as a performer selling your voice and your artistic abilily, as a financier or a teacher selling services, as a bookstore owner or ebay seller selling books and products; it's NOT a product or a service that you sell - IT IS YOURSELF.

It's not enough that you present a great service or product. As equally in its importance - if not just a little bit more - you have to make your potential clients like you, believe you, and believe in you, then they will listen to what you say about your product and just about everything that you represent.

Singers - how do you create that? - Any audition panel only gives you 5-10 minutes of their valuable time.
Bank tellers - have you ever thought that you are IN the service business?
Teachers - do you know your clients? Do you serve them or do they serve you?
Design company, Marketing company? Doctors, lawyers, politicians????
Anyone and everyone?

Be honest to yourself and you can be honest to others.
Like yourself, and you can like others.
HELP OTHERS and you yourself are HELPED.

This is what makes good salesmanship.

Nah..this isn't a lesson on yet-another self-help tip. I'm being practical. You want your music/arts to touch people's lives. Some of you may want a better world for your children, some want world peace, and some just want to put food on the table. Start from within you, and things will improve; and, this is the 'looks' within yourself - a very important element that you need to overcome speed bumps and potholes of life's on-going roller coaster.

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