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Thai rice Call me a rice person!

I grew up with long-grained aromatic jasmine rice.
Thai rice is known around the world;
like other Thai people, I have always consumed so much of it.

I am more of a rice person and that's why I have never been a fan of oatmeal!

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Thai rice is known around the world, and its people have always consumed so much of it.

From the beginning of their history, Thais have eaten steamed rice as a major part of their balanced meals, which typically included: rice, meat, fat (coconut milk or cooking oil), and vegetables.

Their work has always required physical strength, not to mention that most walked everywhere; or, for long trips, they would ride a large four-legged animal. Trying to balance atop an animal's back alone demands quite a bit of strength. Their normal daily routines kept them in shape. They basically shed and sweated out their consumption.

In fact, it was difficult to find an overweight or flabby-looking Thais back in those days.

Diet food companies would not have been successful back then.

A hundred years later, and here I am staring at my own reflection in a mirror. Reflecting upon my life, I was born and raised in Bangkok, as were so many Thais. Growing up, I was taught to do many things on my own (just in case), yet I never had to lift a finger. I had a lot of freedom to run around doing things that children do, and while my young life was physically active, everything changed when I became a teen. I stopped running around from tree-to-tree (never mind tree-climbing, I wouldn't want to be seen doing that!). Like most well- groomed young ladies, I spent a lot of time just sitting and doing things that would keep me nice and polite, prim and demure. I read, wrote, drew, created handicrafts, studied, and basically stopped any "kid" activity. This came as quite a shock to my little sister, more even than it did to me, since she lost her playmate just like that.

I grew up, I changed. But did my eating habits change?

Before I answered my own question, I thought about other people and their heritages. Thailand is a rice-growing country, and people consume rice as a major part of their diets. Even with today's education- and adaptation of much of the West's manner and culture- a majority of Thais still enjoy steamed rice with one or two meals a day. No, I haven't changed. In fact, I have made it even worse for myself -and could bring harm to my family, too, if I don't give a lot of thought to nutrition- since I am responsible for putting the food on the table.

I see two choices here:
1. Change the food and carry on with the same work/daily routine.
2. Continue the same food, but change my daily routine.

Before anyone accuses me of seeing things only in black and white, I'd like to add: Or, I could do a little bit of both, and find a new balance.

Any change doesn't come easily. Like everything else, if I want to be good at something I must first acquire knowledge, then practice- practice-practice. It also is vital that once a desired level of achievement has been reached, one still needs to continue being proactive, or that level will eventually decline. A good example of this is with people who have an experience with yo-yo dieting. Once one achieves her goal she stops practicing what helped her reach it, and soon thereafter she regains the weight she lost.

In my case, it's really difficult since the kind of work I do really keeps me glued throughout the day to the computer and some writing device. My husband also has a high stress job that takes him away for many hours a day, and when he gets home he only wants to sleep.

Then, I counted 6 computers, 3 game consoles, 1 hand-held game, 1 tablet, and some number of smart phones that we own. It's no wonder that this family, while hi-tech and interactive, is also very physically inactive.

Time to create and introduce the new balance.
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