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Reset the balance of the supply-demand scale

La CoffeeMelodie Suite For The Art, For The Love

What would you do as an artist-musician when you are a part of the over-flowing supply?

One of La CoffeeMelodie Suite's big Missions:

Reset the balance of the supply-demand scale

Here's what we would like to do to help balance the scale

If not for our generation of artists-musicians, for the next - but we have to start NOW

At La CoffeeMelodies Suite, music is a very important element of our lives. We make it our business to make people understand how important and nourishing music is to their souls. We also understand that while we all try to create more audience and new music lovers; we artists have to be able to provide for ourselves and our families also.

We all do what we can to help one another. Both Ralph and I tried to come up with ways so that we all can lend a hand and support our colleagues. And this is one way.

A brand new music entrepreneurial venture - a different take on Arts-Entertainment, a new hope to build the love and keep the music in everyone's heart.

One of LCMS' goals is to build within our organization a complete system of the music community; from building, educating and nurturing our next generation's artists and musicians, providing and offering tools, guidelines and opportunities to performing artists and other music professionals to building and expanding the audience base so that there is a good balance on the supply-demand scale.

While LCMS offers and provides tools and opportunities for artists to make themselves more visible to the public, we also pay attention to the growth of our future artists and musicians. (Please see Coffeeni) We also offer to help bring the audiences closer to the artists by providing opportunities to see the work behind the scenes or the backstage look, while forming friendship, understanding, and appreciation among themselves. (Please see Classical Music Lovers Social Club)

Artists/Musicians/Music Professionals Exclusive Lounge and Gallery

Artists Exclusive Lounge and Gallery, La Coffee Melodie Suite Souvenirs, La Coffee Melodie Suite

We provides a platform for our selected artists, musicians, music educators and all music professionals:

To open themselves up for more performing opportunities, as well as a comfort zone where artists and music professionals can introduce themselves to each other, meet and share ideas and advice, extend their support and helping hands towards one another, and promote their up-coming performances.

Our selected artist-musician will each have her profile feature in our Exclusive Gallery; a profile that not only features her artistic achievement, but also showcases her expertise in music and other fields as well. We will go in great length to promote those in our Exclusive Gallery through various online sources such as video hosting and other social media network websites. Artist-musicians in our gallery will also benefit from our calendar, lounge-forum, video gallery, and, our artists can also submit articles for us to publish here on the website.

We set up 'Souvenirs' - our boutique - so that fellow aritsts and other musicians will have an option for another outlet to sell your music merchandise or other fine products that may help you promote yourselves, your music, or, even to help with expenses of living while pursuing your music career. Please contact us for more details on how to set up your shop on our website.


Besides golfing or cavemen, what do you think of when you hear the word club? Do you think of a cliquish group of elitists, turning their noses up and their gazes down toward everyone else who doesn't belong? Or do you think of Groucho Marx's famous quote in which he said he would never belong to a club that would have him as a member?

Well, in their best incarnations, clubs serve the valuable purpose of bringing people together in order to work toward a goal or enjoy a common experience. Book clubs, for example, not only give people the incentive to read great (and not-so- great) literary works, but their experiences are enhanced when they get together to discuss and consider viewpoints which they had not before considered. Sports clubs enable people to meet others with a similar interest, and provide a vast array of playing partners; which, in turn, leads to an improved level of skill for all.

Unfortunately, there are extraordinarily few music clubs, even though getting together with fellow music lovers- already an enjoyable event- is a wonderful way to broaden one's musical horizons. This is why we have created Classical Music Lovers Social Club: we can all benefit by sharing with one another our musical knowledge, tastes and favorite musical genres, works, artists and performances.

Whether it be watching a recorded performance and getting together afterwards to discuss it, or attending a live concert, or discussing in general the trends of the art itself, Classical Music Lovers Social Club is a great way to meet and befriend others who have similar tastes to yours. Join now and let's get busy listening!

Classical Music Lovers Social Club, La coffee Melodie Suite

Classical Music Lovers Social Club

A place where the like-minded people will gather and socialize, a new start for a beautiful, long-lasting friendship - to each other and to classical music and operas.

We introduce club members to performing arts and classical music. We spread the word, recruit and build new classical music lovers though series of musical activities including performing and attending performances as well as providing other musical social gatherings.

One joins CML Social Club by becoming a TAVADesign client, a Core Melody student, a 'Coffee Programs' patron/client, or, through fee-based membership.

Build stronger music community, please let others know about us!

Tell a friend:


While we seek, build, nurture and watch the growth of our young artists and musicians-in-training through our music classes and activities, we provide for them a place to 'hang out' - a comfort zone so the youngsters can share their stories and form a good relationship among each other.

A young artist/musician who is Core Melody student, Coffee Programs participant, and/or is TAVADesign client will be automatically granted this privilege and will be encouraged to present her/his product in 'Souvenirs' boutique.

Visit 'Souvenirs'

Set up to support fellow artists and musicians. In order to "keep the art sparkling in everyone's heart" we all need a helping hand.

We present you with a veriety of fine quality products. Great gift for special occasions, fine arts and jewelry worthy of your collection and most of these items are available for fund-raising.

Please contact La CoffeeMelodie Suite for any inquiry you may have. Enjoy shopping!

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Please share your suggestions and thoughts of how we can continue the arts for which we are so passionate.

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Help us continue on our mission. Please extend your helping hands.-La CoffeeMelodie Suite

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