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Recipe Trading Post

Recipe Trading Post is where you can show off your most delicious cooking recipes, attach a food photo and we will vote for the best-looking and the most inviting dish!

Have A Great Recipe that gets the standing ovation every time?

Here at Recipe Trading Post, you can show off your most delicious cooking recipes, attach a food photo, and we will vote for the best-looking and the most inviting dish!

Your Standing O-Your Prize-Winning-Your Family Recipes

When we create a dish, either from an already existing family recipe or from a delicious dish we had at a friend's house, we make a NEW CREATION with our signature on it. It would be very intriquing to see and taste many dishes created from the same recipe but by different creators! Trading Post is built with the thought of sharing recipes with which we are familiar, and even some tips and techniques to help simplify the re-creation of such dish. The fun part is, that we all can interact with each other, that a recipe will be tried out and that we will receive feedbacks and perhaps help answer questions.

Are you ready to share?

Just simply type away in the provided template! (Don't worry, you don't have to know HTML or anything fancy - just write!) Write your recipe the way you want. Give the flavor to your recipe if you have an 'eye food' - attach a photo! Do you prefer a video? Add a video right in the body of your text - or do both! It will be fun, and, you'll never know, you may gain a new fan base!!

See you on the other side! (When your recipe page goes live.)

Have A Great Recipe that gets the standing ovation every time?

Alright, maybe not every time! How about most of the time? - Sometimes? We all have at least one dish at which we are really, really good; that, makes our hard-to-please family members go "Ooooo" and "Ahhhh" when they taste it! It can be something so simple yet you make it so well, or a dish so divine and so complicated yet you make it seem easy, or, a great recipe that's descended from your great-great-great grandmother. Your recipe! Your pride and joy! Let's share it here!

What Other Standing O Recipe Creators have said

Click below to see recipes from other visitors to this page...

Dickie Thomas' Fluffy Pancakes 
Do your pancakes resemble clay pigeons? Do the kids use your pancakes to make go-cart wheels? Dickie Thomas shows you a simple trick to making fluffy pancakes. …

Chocolate-Orange Fancy Cupcakes 
I just had the inspiration to bake. To start with, I love baking. My niece had asked me to make cupcakes for her the previous year when she visited, …

Click here to write your own.

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