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Pradichaya Gafaae Poonyarit
A Soprano
An Innovative Artist
An Artistic Entrepreneur
on Spotlight

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Pradichaya Gafaae Poonyarit A Soprano
An Innovative Artist aka An Artistic Entrepreneur on Spotlight:
An artist, founder and Director of La CoffeeMelodie Suite,
a regular contributor for Chef-Me-Not!,
a digital arts designer, a voice teacher,
a Web master, a wife and a mother.

Video created&produced by La CoffeeMelodie Suite┬ę2010
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In the video: Suor Angelica -Senza Mamma. Capitol Opera Harrisburg production with Pradichaya in the title role.
Click the link icon to watch the whole opera.

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Pradichaya - An Artistic Entrepreneur

Pradichaya Gafaae Poonyarit at 3-month 22-day - Spotlight
What a long -but never one dull moment- musical journey for Pradichaya.

From a tiny Thai coffee bean, Pradichaya has steadfastly followed her heart, down the musical career path. She was forced to take a few rest stops and a few difficult u-turns, but nothing could shake her love and passion for singing and the strong will to make this world appreciate beautiful music and respect those who come to make it happen.

Before she walked or even talked, Pradichaya Gafaae Poonyarit was singing. At only two years of age she was on stage and being heard in radio broadcasts throughout her native Thailand.

Growing up in Bangkok, she was exposed to, and loved, songs from both east and west. As a young girl she also learned about business from her parents, and these two aspects- music and business- were and continue to be what truly define who she is.

Attending school in the United States from her early teenage years on, she majored in opera and vocal performance. Soon after starting her family, however, she returned to Thailand to manage her parents' company. She became the Managing Director of their international import/direct-selling limited corporation and ran it very successfully for the next thirteen years, dealing with every aspect from advertising, marketing, sales and governmental compliance, and in the process becoming a well-respected member of Bangkok's business community.

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A Soprano - An Innovative Artist

Pradichaya Gafaae Poonyarit A Soprano-An Innovative Artist aka An Artistic Entrepreneur on Spotlight
Nevertheless, she also found the time to be a force in the Bangkok classical music arena, producing her own concerts, teaching voice at two of the country's most prestigious universities, appearing in several concerts and recitals (including several with the Bangkok Music Society), as well as being one of the predominant soloists of the newly-formed Bangkok Opera, which made its debut in 2001. She sang in that company's royal command performances the roles of: Donna Elvira in Don Giovanni, Miss Jessel in The Turn of the Screw, Dido in Dido and Aeneas, and was entrusted with roles in two different world premieres. She was also invited to perform in the 2003 concert that marked the inauguration of the Thailand chapter of the International Wagner Society, presided over by Wagner's grandson, Wolfgang.

"...The absolute star of the evening...her magic was going beyond the madness of the role (of Donna Elvira) by summoning tones of exquisite beauty." - Following Don Giovanni-by Jonathan Richmond for the Bangkok Nation)

"She has a confident stage presence and formidable projection which were both put to memorable use." - Following The Turn of the Screw-by Dennis Kiddy.

Watch Pradichaya on CoffeeTube

She and her family returned to the US in 2005, and, in addition to performing in several recitals and concerts, has also appeared with Espresso Opera in New York City performing the roles of Leonora in Il Trovatore and the title role in Adriana Lecouvreur. She recently debuted a title role in Suor Angelica with Capitol Opera Harrisburg.

A firm believer that music nourishes our souls, her passion for music inspires her to do whatever she can to increase opportunities for musicians, provide music to audiences and nurture up-and-coming artists through any means possible. La CoffeeMelodie Suite, an organization devoted to these purposes- as well as many others- serves this need, and Spotlight is one way to pay it forward.

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A Voice Teacher

Singing is an activity common to us all yet unique to everyone; for while the underlying principles of good vocal technique are the same for all - grounded in physiology and physics - each person's distinct characteristics, emotional makeup and innate musicality mean that the journey toward vocal proficiency is a unique one, full of self- discovery. Therefore, the art of voice teaching requires on the teacher's part an acute awareness that each student entering her studio does so from a different place on his road to improvement.

However, it is also important to realize that while each student's journey is particular to him, the most do end up traveling along the same road since proper technique is grounded in what is natural - natural breath and natural phonation - and is then built upon through the focus on better and stronger resonance.

A firm and healthy foundation in proper vocal technique is the prerequisite which is best allows a singer to perform with flexibility, strength and longevity in any genre or style. Just as a basketball player and ballet dancer jump off the same ground utilizing the same muscles, all singers - whether they be country, new age or operatic - begin from the same place in producing their voices. Learning to breathe and to coordinate one's air properly, as well as the principles of good posture, are the first steps toward the optimal use of one's voice.

More than anything, voice lessons are intended to enable students to learn on their own all aspects of singing, from the physical to the emotional to the musical. At Core Melody Voice Teaching Studio, we strive to provide these tools to all aspiring vocalists in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley.

Core melody Voice Studio
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A Humble Student

Pradichaya on Spotlight La CoffeeMelodie Suite
Thai people in general are respectful. While they learn and hone their crafts, they were taught that they can never forget those who came before them. In Thai Theatrical stages, one will find -near the green room- a small room with a shrine. And, on the shrine displays a row of head-wear - each represents different major characters in Thai dramas. They are the symbol of Kru - teachers - those who taught and passed their legacies down to Thai artists. Most artists never go through a performance without jasmine garland offering, inscent lighting, and a few words in silent prayer to wish that such performance will go well for everyone.

Pradichaya A humble student -Spotlight La CoffeeMelodie Suite
Old habits die hard, even though Pradichaya hasn't gone back to perform in Thailand since her return to the United States, she always finds a quiet moment -right before her performance entrance- to compose herself and think about all her teachers who have taught her, and have taken a major part in making who she is today.

Pradichaya on La CoffeeMelodie Suite

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