Own up to the choices you make

Own-up.Own up to the choices you make. An article urging you to weigh everything being making a choice.

Own your choices

I look around and see how much the world has changed since when I was born. As time goes by, people come and people go. We make conscious and unconscious choices according to our needs, adapting to our surrounding circumstances, and- whether or not conscious of these decisions- these are ultimately on us.

As we move constantly into the age of newer and newer technology, we also delve deeper into more and more complex layers of things, situations and circumstances. Take social media, for example: We are each entitled to our own opinions, and have been since the beginning of time. The difference is that now when we speak it is not just quietly to ourselves, nor contained within a small group of close friends, but instead to the whole world. We can easily start a war within minutes of the moment when we convey our messages on this global platform.

Is this a problem? Yes, and a bigger one than we want to admit. We say something, shrug, and turn the other way. But where is our responsibility? Just because we have the computer in front of us, rather than a flesh-and-blood person, doesn't mean that we can say anything we want. We must still be mindful and not say things just because we can. I have seen- and have been involved in- many incidents where a choice is made, but a rather irresponsible one by the person who made the comment. We must remember that the rules we want applied to other people must also be applied to us.

I have written somewhere in my other blog, "Socially Yours," about how to engage in social media while employing good manners; that, if it is not appropriate to make a statement directly to another person in real life, then such a statement is not appropriate to be put down as one's social status. Nowadays, however, people accept and adapt to their newly-found bold and blunt attitude, which has grown on them gradually over time. Instead of being polite, thoughtful and considerate as they had been taught as proper, they now take the "I can do whatever I want" attitude both on and off the Internet and add it to their social manner. People say what they want - with varying degrees of an "in-your-face" manner- and then walk away. Naturally, there will be people who accept or tolerate this behavior, and others who will not have any of it. Usually, we stay away from those people of whom we do not approve, and therefore do not like. But, there will be times and places where people face people, so please be prepared to accept that the things you do can also be done by others.

Then again, there are some people who are just improper and downright rude. They don't need any hi-tech device to make them more obnoxious except to get their words around the global community faster.

Whatever the case might be, when one makes a choice one must own up to it.

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