Now you see it. Storytime wih Primrug Kaitlyn.

An adventure over spring break: Children book

Now you see it. Storytime wih Primrug Kaitlyn who writes and tells her stories. This story about four good friends during a spring break, whose adventure takes place in the town where they live. -Children book.

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"Do you like writing stories? I do! I've been writing them ever since I could write! It started out as drawing. I love to draw!! When I was little I drew and put in colors. Then when I knew a little bit of the alphabets I would put letters together. They didn't make sense to anyone else at the time (I was three). But they made sense to me! My mom said that I have a big imagination. I like to imagine because it's fun! Are you ready? I am!!!!!"

Now you see it: An adventure!

Story Time with Kalitlyn at La CoffeeMelodie Suite
Story was written by Primrug Kaitlyn Schatzki(me)
Animation was also by me with the help of my mom and my brother Nicholas.

"Hey, Molly! Wait!" shouted Lucy, Carrie, and Tom.

"Come on!", said Molly. "We have to get back to my house!"

"Don't get too excited for spring break!" said Tom. "You know, we have to give our teacher our reports for spring break."

"Well, at least we have spring break. We had to do a lot of homework from school!" said Lucy.

They went into Molly's house. They started eating while deciding what to do for spring break.

"You know, I have to find my bag in the forest," said Carrie.

"Hey, let's go there and play," said Tom. "And we can think of what to write in the report."

They went into the forest.

Molly gasped. "What is it?" they all asked.

"There's a cave," said Molly. They all stared, except for Molly.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" said Molly, as she was about to go into the cave.

Just then, they heard a growling noise from a fox. "Let's get out of here," all of them said.

They came to the house when it was night time. "Go to sleep, everybody," said Molly's mom.

They got themselves ready to go to sleep. "Where have you guys been?"

She started saying it in a whisper, realizing that they had gone to sleep.

The next morning, they went back to the forest again to get the bag. Then, they went to the park to have fun.

"Somebody is in those bushes," Tom said. Then, Dave (a guy from school) came out.

Story Time with Kalitlyn-La CoffeeMelodie Suite
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"Hi guys."

"Hi Dave," they all said. "Let me guess," said Lucy, "you want to trick us again."

"No!" Dave said. Then he took his laptop out of his bag. "When you guys saw that cave.."

"Wait!" Carrie and Molly said. "How do you know this? Did you spy on us?"

Dave nervously chuckled, "Well...anyway, when you saw that cave, that was where an ancient cave was!"

"Huh?" said the others.

Dave started typing on his computer. "Check this out: this Web site says that an ancient cave was on that spot a long time ago. There was a man who had a family, and they were poor. One day, the man's wife told him to hunt for food. He went out hunting and came to that cave you saw. But the fox that you saw, it was the guardian of the cave. He then saw the fox. He doesn't hunt foxes, so he sat down. The fox didn't harm him. The fox sniffed him and was very kind to him. Then, the fox got out of the man's way. The cave that you saw appeared. The man went into the cave. People said there were wonders in that cave. Soon, he became the hero of his town, and the fox became his friend. The next day, he went into the cave again, and this time he disappeared along with the ancient cave."

"What happened to him?" asked Tom.

"Nobody knows.", Dave said. "The person and the ancient cave just mysteriously disappeared."

"The police?" asked Molly.

"Oh, they were looking for evidence and they found nothing."

Lucy gasped.

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"So we'll have to let the fox sniff us, and if he accepts us we'll go into the cave," said Molly.

"I don't think we should go in," said Tom and Carrie.

"Something can happen to us...," said Carrie.

"...And who would believe this!" Tom said, finishing the sentence.

"Lucy and I do! Right, Lucy?"

"Yes, and if we work together, nothing will go wrong."

"But you really believe this?" Carrie and Tom asked.

"If it's true we'll be famous and become heroes for finding it. But if the wonders aren't true, we would still be heroes", said Lucy. "So what do you say?"

"Fine," said Carrie and Tom.

So they all went to the cave, and the fox let them go inside.

"This is kind of scary," said Lucy.

The cave was dark, but then a light came. They followed the light and it wasn't dark any more. The light went to Molly. She was very curious about the light so she touched it.

Then, came wonders.

Fireworks, mermaids, faries!!! Almost all wonders were in that cave! There was also a man, but he was a ghost as he appeared in front of them.

The kids all said, "You're him?" "You're the man who found the cave?". asked Molly.

"That is correct," the man said. "My name is Peter Harrison."

"What happened to you?" Carrie asked.

"The cave told me something dangerous was going to happen to me. It also said that I'd be in danger until you guys came. Thank you. You saved me and you also saved the world by finding me. Now I'm free! Oh, and don't tell anybody about the cave and me, or else the world is in danger!"

So they all went back to Molly's house and promised not to tell anybody. They had to make a fake report on their spring break for school. Before this, they were never really friends, but they all became best friends and helped each other protect the cave and the world. They also had to be friends with Dave, because he was the one who told them about the man and the cave.

Altogether, they kept the secret safe.


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