From the mouths of babes

My-cup-is-full. My-cup-is-full2. Part two -the conclusion. From the mouths of babes. The lesson we could learn from the ten-year-old girl.

My cup is full...

It made me think how hard it is for us as adults to learn new things and new ways, the reason obviously being that, "our cups are full.” We have lived our lives long enough to get used to- and to feel comfortable with- the way we do things: “our way.” We often find ourselves thinking that if things are fine, why go through the trouble of making any changes? This is understandable. We should find our own way. Please never forget, though, that we can't just insist on maintaining the one, full cup we have, and then limit the taking in of new things- or adapting new ways- into our lives. Like green eggs and ham, the "green" color may not be desirable to your taste, but without taking a bite, you won't know whether it is good or bad for you. I do not suggest anyone empty or abandon his old cup, for all the knowledge and experience it contains, positive or negative in nature, is useful to us. Keep what you know, and catalog the full cup in your large library. You know that it's there, and you can pull it off the shelf when you need it. Always have a stock of new and empty cups ready, though, so that when something interesting and worth inspecting comes your way you can always put it in a fresh cup and inspect it at your leisure.

My daughter finally took a break, had a big lunch, and now is writing her summary with a lot less frustration. Perhaps she put her full cup aside and poured her new knowledge into a fresh cup after all.

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