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Live Vocal Performance designed and created for your special occasion;
from your living room to a concert hall,
from a private get-together to a fund-raising function.

Melodie-on-the-GO adds flavors to your special occasion
Live Performances at La CoffeeMelodie Suite

By bringing Live Performance from classical and operatic music to nice famous tunes from your favorite Broadway musicals.

Famous Operatice Arias and Scenes
Scenes from Operettas
One-Act Opera
Scenes and Songs from your favorite Broadway Musicals

Birthday-Anniversary-Any Celebrated Event
A Small Get-together of your family and good friends-
Whether you entertain in your living room, your family room, or a ballroom;

We design and create
A musical set that elegantly and stylishly suits you and your function.

the Grandeur of an Opera...
...and the Musical Drama...

...in attractive formal attires...
Right in the comfort of your own home!

Would you ike to add an extra element to your fund-raising of your good cause?

Add Melodie-on-the-GO's Live Performance to help you reach your goal.

Bring Joy and Happy Surprise to the ones you love and adore
Have us design perfect gift wrap packages for you.

Please contact us to discuss how Melodie-on-the-Go can heighten the experience at your special occasion.

Melodie-on-the-GO Performers
Led by the operatic couple

- Pradichaya Gafaae Poonyarit & Ralph Schatzki -

The numbers of cast members depends upon the design for each occasion Melodie-on-the-GO is contracted to perform, and ranges anywhere from two to ten performers.

One-Act Opera, Operatic and Operetta Scenes are semi-staged.
All are in formal concert attires.

The experience of attending a live musical or theatrical event is something not equaled by anything. Movies are enjoyable, and recorded performances on CDs and DVDs are things that many of us cannot consider living without; but a live performance has an energy that is palpable.

Unfortunately, fewer and fewer people are attending them. It may be they think their lives are too busy; or, they are trying to save their money for something else more important; or, the prevalence of music and electronic music-making devices have made the idea of going to a live event seem superfluous. Whatever the reason, it's a shame.

People should ask themselves: Is my life so busy that I can't give up three hours of television a week to attend a concert?

What's more important than the nourishment of my soul, that which makes us human? Is listening to tinny sound through a pair of headphones the same as having sounds wash over me like a tidal wave at a symphony concert?

If they have ever been to a live performance, they know what I mean.

And if they haven't, well...remember when your mother told you to try the new food on the plate because you might actually like it?

The next time you think about listening to music, try to go to a live performance. Even better, support all your local artists and their endeavors by attending their shows and, perhaps, even putting one up yourself. There's nothing quite like it.

The Value of "Live"

Nowadays, at the push of a button you can have hundreds of television channels from which to choose, or you can go to a movie theater at which ten or twenty different movies are all playing at once. Television was not always such a ubiquitous presence, however, and there are still some who can remember when live radio broadcasts were the cutting edge in entertainment and movie theaters had but a single screen. Of course, prior to that, the only way to see a show was to view it "Live".

The word "Live" is something of a misnomer, of course, since everything is done- at the time- live. It's the connotation that a performance is not edited or polished in any way that makes it "Live". Today, we are now so used to listening to our favorite songs, or watching our favorite TV shows or movies, polished to perfection, over and over. This single version of an event becomes the "legitimate" one, and a "Live" performance, at least on one level, strikes some as decidedly odd: perhaps a relic of an older age.

Yet, if you have had the good fortune to attend a live performance- whether it be a rock band, symphony concert, opera or community theater- you will surely notice an excitement that is conspicuously absent in the recorded versions of our entertainment choices. There is a palpable energy you feel, perhaps because you are present at the moment of artistic creation. Maybe it's the fact that you simply don't know what will come next, and that unpredictability keeps you enthralled
. Or, maybe it's because you, simply by the virtue of being present, are actually part of the experience!

Having ten thousand songs or five hundred movies at your immediate disposal is a wonderful thing- something the people of two or three generations ago would find astounding- but it also cheapens the value of each song or movie. After all, if something is so easy to obtain, then, regardless of its intrinsic worth, it has far less value to us simply because of its ubiquity. "Live" performance, though, is unlike anything else, and helps lend a newfound respect for art and artists. It is something we should seek out, support, foster and nurture.

Build stronger music community, please let others know about us!

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