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Meet The Family!

Meet the Family with many interesting projects from kids storytelling videos, graphic tutorials to voice lessons, math tutoring and Thai cooking.

Introducing La CoffeeMelodie Suite Family!

Come with them while they walk you through their adventures. Explore the wonderful world of operatic and classical music and feel their passion, their dedication, and their determination and how they liven up the ART in everyone's heART.

Open your body and mind up and take in deep breaths. There is no difference who you are, where you are, or what you do. From day-to-day chores to executive jobs, bring out the music from within your heart to lighten up everyday tasks.

We all learn through our course of living though we are unaware of it. Looking at learning from a different viewpoint and enjoy absorbing what you see, hear, and feel. See the world through the children's eyes.

Get to know the Thais and their delicate culture from an angle that is rarely talked about. Watch how this cultured-collaborative family makes the best of both worlds by adapting, combining, and utilizing everything they've learned.

Meet the family: Kids-storytelling-video, Graphic-tutorial, Voice-lesson, Thai-cooking, and more!


"Hello! I'm Brendan! Let me begin by introducing myself. I'm the only Schatzki child to have been born in the United States. That's almost immaterial, since I, like all my other siblings, (with the exception of Kaitlyn) lived the majority of my life in Thailand.... I've always been a musical person and my taste is rather eclectic, ranging from power metal to boyband to Broadway to opera. ....A late interest of mine is philosophy and psychology. In ways, I've been looking to justify myself and the world; thus, I have interest in these two fields. I, by no means, am an expert who does real research and studying on the material. Instead, I sometimes lie down for hours and think. I talk to myself to validate my personal thoughts and viewpoints, and I will be sharing some of them with you as time goes on."


"I have lived my life and have had my share of enjoyment, my contentment and my grievance. As a daughter I learned to be grateful and humble. As a mother I learned to be patient and to offer guidance. As a wife I learned to be supportive and understanding. As a student I learned to be thoughtful and diligent. As a teacher I learned to be caring and giving. I am at the stage of life where I can afford to put my knowledge and experience together and do whatever I want with them."


"The most important things in one's life are the people in it. I am blessed to have such a wonderful family with whom I can share experiences. Music is the other part of my life that is important to me, both as performer and listener. I feel very strongly that music is a mirror for our life's journey."


"Hi everyone! This is Nicholas! I am the second child in the Schatzki family. Of the four, I tend to be the one who acts the most differently. While the rest of my siblings can be seen as lively, flamboyant, and proud, I'm seen as calm, indifferent, and modest (sometimes). I really like computers. If you combine this with the fact that I love art, guess what? I love to make digital graphics!....I will be giving tips and tricks on using GIMP and Photoshop,...I may also take requests in images and services to touch-up your picture...."


"Hi, I'm Justin. My full name is Chayarug Justin Schatzki and my nickname is Tongsook. Tong is gold and sook is shiny. My favorite subject of all time is history. I enjoy reading anything that has to do with history....My mom tells me that I can share what I know on the website but I am not really interested... But I think you will like La CoffeeMelodie Suite website. Bye."


"Hello! My name is Primrug. I am Coffee Melodie's daughter. I'm eight years old. I like to do many things. ... I will make artworks. Some will be put on mugs and t-shirts. May be I'll even let you have my some of my artworks. I hope you will love this website. I love to be kind, so I give things to people. I want to be a good person. Have a good day! Oh, and you can call me Kaitlyn.".

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