Planning the perfect
Facebook timeline cover photo

Part two of the tutorial

on how to design and create your unique killer signature timeline cover photo banner. This section describes elements that you should consider when you outline the layout of the plan.

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Facebook-Timeline Tutorial by Digital Arts Design. La CoffeeMelodie Suite.

Facebook-Timeline Tutorial by Digital Arts Design. La CoffeeMelodie Suite.
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Layout-your blueprint

This tutorial puts your brain in gear for creativity. Rather than simply giving you a step-by-step direction to follow, it guides and trains your thinking process into the creating and designing mode.

The planner in you

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The size of the banner is 850x314px -While the width needs to be exact, the height can be between 312-315 pixels. (You have a little room to wiggle, it just happened that I applied 314 in the sample I used for this tutorial.) First, think roughly about what you want your cover image to say. The time of grabbing just any photo is done with -or you wouldn't be reading this tutorial (or so I think!). Keep in mind that you want this cover photo to summarize who you are and what you'd like the world (yes, the world) to see. -Think along the lines of how you would like to be perceived. Write down on a piece of scrap paper or doodle on a tablet, an outline and perhaps a rough layout. Something like:

Your name: Facebook automatically places your name next to a thumbnail of your (what used to be a lot bigger) profile picture. It's your choice whether you want to place it on the banner to create a good impression for visitors right away.

Tagline: Like a business card, a tagline is a summary that describes you. It should be clear, brief, and right to the point. There's always an exception -depending on what you want to achieve- that would require more explanation. But it still should look inviting and easy to read.

Delivery: Now that you have given your brief description to the public, let's give the destinations. If you have more than one destination, choose the ones that would bring the best results. Tread carefully: you don't want to blind your viewers. Here is what you want to consider:

Website urls and logos: How many do you have, both personal and business? Are you a proud grandmother or a proud mom? A cat lover? Do you own Facebook fanpages? Twitter? LinkedIn? YouTube, MySpace, Google+, Blogspot, Wordpress, Squidoo, etc.??? How many would you like to use? Rank them from most to least important to you. As you see from my own banner, I have althogether seven urls and three logos. Yes, it can be done with good taste!

Call to action: If you are like me, this should be your ultimate goal for the whole banner. True, you display all your urls and logos, but there's no way that Facebook would be generous enough to allow clickable links right on the banner. The chances of that happening is when pigs fly; or, as Thais would say, "When it floods on a duck's back." Therefore, your call-to-action should be something which you can control: to point out that your viewers can subscribe and/or add you.
"Face it, your online identity is a major part of your professional presence. How many moms have had their children noticed by the recording industry? (That's right: if you can blurt out the name right away, that is the result of the power of social networking media.) How many people have gotten fired because of their online identities? If you have ever "liked" a link, status, or comment, you, too, have taken ownership of your online presence through social networking media, and no longer are acting as though, "I-only-want-to- connect-with-my-old-friends-and-relatives." So, you may as well make sure your online identity is solid and reflects your good personality."

Now that you have your outlines, go over them and start thinking about how you want the whole thing to look.
This is when the design aspect comes into play.

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Design and create
Facebook-Timeline tutorial
Layout- Planning the perfect cover photo
Designing- Applying the elements

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