Lawn-Mowing and Justin-La CoffeeMelodie Suite

Lawn-Mowing and Justin

Lawn-Mowing and Justin-La CoffeeMelodie Suite
Lawn-Mowing: It happened one day when Justin was asked to help out his dad mow the lawn. We took the video just for the fun of it. It was Justin's first time at the task. -Let's just say that he didn't exactly have a smooth ride. But there's something in Justin's attempt to mowing that one can learn, just from watching him.

Video: My First Attempt at Mowing the Lawn

There are many reasons why mowing the lawn is a good idea. Not only does it make it look neat, but it prevents it from overgrowing. This way, you can show it off to the neighbors. Best of all, though, it is great excercise and makes you proud of yourself. I look forward to the next time I mow the lawn.

Thank you. Please come back again.
Justin Schatzki

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