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The Web provider that makes sense

In conclusion. The Web provider that makes sense. Not only SBI has everything that I need in one place, taught me about Web building, from both the technical and marketing standpoints, it also opens my eyes in Web-related areas previously unbeknownst to me.

I have spent hundreds of hours doing research and considered a lot of money-making choices that I thought were the right ones for me at the time, but I NEVER came across anything which came close to SBI. No other host providers with whom I signed -and I signed with quite a few- taught me anything. They took my money and then left me on my own. As someone who was relatively new at building her Website, I felt stupid, helpless, scared, frustrated, and discouraged. With other providers, I also had to seek out other tools necessary to make my site work, and I spent a lot of extra money on the side. These added up to a lot more than $299 a year. I have learned and gained a lot of knowledge from SBI. La-coffee-melodie-suite started from a time when I had "no clue," to now, some 420 pages later and still growing. SBI was, and still is, the Web provider -the building tool that MAKES SENSE.

In conclusion

Now that my La CoffeeMelodie Suite is up and running, I have come to understand that SBI is not a web host provider. It is a guidance counselor who guides you through your own options while teaching you how do your best at what you do (pick an option relating to your own expertise), and then it gives you tools to support what you do. It gives you an option to maximize your potential (that you may not be aware is within you until you get to this point), which, if you wish, will bring you supplementary income without going out of your comfort zone. By that, I mean it teaches you how you can turn your expertise, your interest, your hobby into a business, and make an income out of that - and, that is its product, its service. But, SBI service is NOT making a business of making you sell for SBI (you can if you want to, but you will have to seek to do that on your own account, and SBI will never pester you to do it).


If you need to get a website up quickly, then SBI is not for you. My recommendation would be to go for a free service. Don't even spend 3-4 dollars a month - certainly not more - just to have a website. Performers, coaches, conductors, or people who only need an on-line presence/identification card won't find that SBI is right for them. Both my husband and I use free websites, for example, as our singers' on-line ID cards.

After having read my whole journey, if SBI seems like what you are looking for to build your Website -giving you the bonus of gaining vast amounts of knowledge on Web building, from both the technical and marketing standpoints- I'll give you a closer look inside in my next article.

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