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Wear it!

Does SBI fit your needs? All kinds of people use SBI. People with different kinds of passion, interest, or hobby- or, even a daily routine that they do so well.

I have a few categories listed below.
See which one identifies you.


Why you need to have a Website

  • To identify you and your business aka "what you do"

  • To deliver your offer to your prospective clients at their fingertips

  • To bring more clients to you faster sooner and in larger quantity

You already have your business going

If you already have an existing local business or own a store that sell products or services, a good Website will provide a great opportunity to build and expand your client base. It's a great way for you to make it convenient for your clients to contact you - pre- order, FAQ about your products, and you may add a little more pizazz by offering tips, tidbits, and even a light amount of teaching that would make your client appreciate and value you and your products more. Came equipped with excellent tools neccessary to put your site on top of search engines, SBI helps you put your business site on firm and solid ground. There, you can concentrate on writing good quality content and your offer to your clients, and leave the rest to SBI.

Core Melody Voice Studio is our local business where both my husband and I teach voice lessons to singers of all ages. Since I built la- coffee-melodie-suite with SBI, the majority of our students have come to study with us from results of search engines. The old "mouth- to-mouth" system of recommendation still exists only scarcely. On Core Melody's Web section, I have placed convenient tools for students for them take care of schduling, payment, reading announcements and articles before hand; and show up ready for their voice lessons without taking away from their precious 60-minute lesson time.

You, too, can do just the same, and make your Website your online office.

You are thinking about -but haven't yet started- a business

If you are looking in bring in extra income, an online business is the right way to go. The term doesn't necessary apply to tricks, scams, pyramids, or other dishonorable businesses or business practices. There are many ways to make an income online; from sharing what you know, such as offering tips and techniques, tutorials, reviews, sharing an interest, such as gardening, hiking, traveling, cooking, to sell e- or hard products or software on your own or as an affiliate. SBI not only has all tools for what I have mentioned, but if offers tremendous support -not only from its own help topics (it must have at least thousands of topics available!) but also the support from its community. I love my fellow SBIers; they are very helpful.

If any of these fits, it's worth the time to check out SBI.

Good reasons to add an online business to your life

Online buisness examples

Selling hard goods - opening a store, if you don't want to deal with inventory, drop-ship is the way to go.

Selling e-goods - ebooks, downloadable stuff.

Selling content - information about your interests: travel (pick a place - like Thailand), "how I raise my grand children- and I am proud of that!", "my vegetable garden", "I love __" (fill in the subject of your love), or, "I hate __ "(nah, scratch that), "all my puppies", "my knitting passion", "my energy drink"......etc.

You will be amazed at the topics with which you can come up; and, if you are being serious, you can get them to work for you!

  • Economy reason - your own economy - Even if you are doing alright,but think, “why not give a little extra wiggle room for 'just in case'?” Off-line businesses, such as stores, restaurants, etc, require a lot of money to make money. Unless you really know, and you are really, really sure you have a lot of extra cash to fall back upon, please don't - not now. Let's go to the alternative - an online business.

  • Economy reason - I need extra income!!! - an online business is the way to go. - You can come home from a long day of your full-time job and get on the computer for your part-time job.

  • Economy reason - I'm a college student and I don't want to wait tables. - Let's put your knowledge to use!

  • Economy reason - I don't have a job and am desperate for one! - take a deep breath. - Let's explore your choices here!

  • My work pattern is erratic, I will be gone on the job and will have a break in between - opera singers, all kinds of musicians, airline pilots and the whole crew, truck drivers, etc. Why not write about what you do and make it your business while you're not on the road?

  • I have nothing to do, and I feel that I have more to offer - a noble reason - You will be surprised we don't have a chance to learn from those who have more experience because they are not aware they can share what they know by investing on a computer. This is a perfectly legitimate reason to start a business of sharing knowledge.

  • Dignity reason - among other things! - A 'work at home mom-dad-grandparent' should share with the world what they do and why and how, turning the passion of their 'at home' work into an on-line business.

The point is, you have all of these within you. Wouldn't it be wonderful to bring out one passion, interest, or hobby- or, even a daily routine you do and do so well- and turn that into a business on-line that draws people's attention, and which will then link to selling related merchandise, ads and affiliation?

A sweet ideal that becomes real - To love what you do, Do what you love.

The bottom line is that I found for myself a way to turn my knowledge in the area of my expertise into an income-making profession, and I would like to pass the word along. When I was twelve I begged my parents to let me sell Tupperware because the product was so good, and I felt compelled to let everyone know. Now, as a grown woman, I find that SBI is a truly good product - one that has helped me find the connection with my full potential. My relationship with our children has strengthened tremendously, for La CoffeeMelodie Suite is, indeed, the Coffee's (aka "Gafaae's") family business.

Please find out more about SBI, it's really worth your time!

Thank you for listening to my long journey in my website-finding journey. I wish you great success in everything you do. We can do what we love, and all you have to do is open your heart to an opportunity.

And, please remember, you have a friend. Feel free to drop me a line should your inspirational juice run low.

Warmest regards,
Pradichaya Gafaae and the Gang of six at La CoffeeMelodie Suite


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The goal of La CoffeeMelodie Suite is to provide its audience with useful information, for both general education and on specific topics of interest. It has every intention of keeping learning entertaining, yet real, through the use of real life, day-to-day scenarios of what goes on in this family of six. At the same time, it also wants to increase within everyone the awareness of raising a family responsibly, in the hope that this will develop into the production of better quality, and therefore better citizens in society.

The team at this site is working continuously to fulfill its goal, in the hope that La CoffeeMelodie Suite will soon be a one-stop hub for all.

They are my reasons for owning an online business