Handcrafts-Thai. Unique one of a kind handmade products form Thailand
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Unique one of a kind handmade products form Thailand

Handcrafts-Thai. Unique one of a kind handmade products form Thailand at Souvenirs shop, Garden Kiosk at La CoffeeMelodie Suite, where the bar continues to be raised for the betterment of human quality.

Fine handicrafts from Thailand at La CoffeeMelodie Suite Fine handicrafts from Thailand at La CoffeeMelodie Suite

Thailand is a southeast Asian country which is, give-or-take, the same size as France. Her shape resembles an ancient axe. It is a country rich not only in agriculture, but also in tradition and culture. Thai people are known for their calmness and their usual phrase, "mai-pen- rai," simply translated as, "that's alright, it's not a big deal," always accompanied by the famous Thai smiles - "yim-Siam." They are also good with their hands. As a young girl growing up in Thailand, I could never quite understand why fruit carving, garland making, handmade garment making, and embroidery were classes we all had to take, along with academic courses, such as science, math, literature, and other 'important' subjects. All my teachers kept telling me that learning how to put delicate tiny jasmine flowers together, without breaking or bruising their little petals, and turning them into a big-tailed squirrel sitting on a branch; or, completely hand-sewing a man's shirt, with detailed small stitches running as straight as if they had been sewn by a machine, would enable me to practice patience, thoroughness, attention to detail, and many more things that I learned. All of that, from sitting hour after hour, carving garden vegetables into a basket of flowers, just so that I could present them along with the famous "nam-prik-kapi-koong-sod," or four- flavor fresh prawn paste, which goes so well with steamy Thai jasmine long grain rice and crispy fried Thai style omelet.

Showcased here are one of a kind handmade Thai crafts. Each item is unique and well made. The prices shown here already included shipping wihin the United States.. Please contact me if you would like me to shop these items overseas and I will adjust the price according to the shipping cost. Also, because there is only one item per product, please carefully read the return and refund policies.


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Souvenirs. Shopping for Thai handcrafts, jewelry, Thai cooking recipes, etc. Each product is one of a kind. The shop is a part of La CoffeeMelodie Suite's Gardent Kiosk, offering a variety of hard goods and e-products for both educational and entertaining purposes.


Return Policy

These products are one of a kind -and we only have one of each. Though La CoffeeMelodie Suite urges you to inspect the photos in the videos and make all inquiries before you decide to make your purchases, should you not be 100% satisfied, you have 3 days upon receipt of the goods in which to return them to us. You may return the items as long as they are in the condition in which you receive them, with all original materials. The returns will not be accepted if the items appeared used, abused, substituted/replaced (whole and parts) Return shipping and handling costs are buyer's responsibility.

Refund Policy

The refund will be the total purchase price paid, less 20% re-stocking fee. Once the returned item is received, your refund will be returned to you via paypal.

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