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Graphic Buddy Tips-and-Technique Forum Community

Graphic Buddy Tips-and-Technique Forum Community. The Cool Hang Out to share and exchange ideas and cool tips in GIMP and Photoshop.

Hi guys! I'm building this page so that experts like us (well, in my case, close, anyway!) can hang out and share ideas!

I know there are many of you guys out there who already know your way around making cool graphics. I would love to share and exchange ideas and cool tips with you. If you are a newbie, use this space to shoot me with your questions, and, hopefully, I, or, with help from other guys, can come up with answers! Or, even if you just want to hang out with me and others, please chime in and introduce yourself!!! So, basically, this is a place to share your expertise in making graphic-arts, animations, help with questions and answers in Gimp and Photoshop, and just be a buddy! And, let me stress, just be a buddy! Let's make 'Graphic Buddy' a cool hang out for us!

Write something!!!!!

The Cool Hang Out!

Do you want to share your expertise?

Have you any Gimp or Photoshop Q &A?

Calling all graphic experts, Gimp/Photoshop Geniuses and all newbies!!!!

This is the cool hang out for all of us. -A place where you and I can share, exchange our ideas and expertise in using Gimp, Photoshop, and other graphic software. We all can help answers questions and make graphic creating a simple and fun experience for buddies who are new at it. Show off your fun creations by embedding a video and tell us about it! Any tips, technique, advice, or suggestion? Just put them here! Let's make this hang out a great community!!!

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Aspiring Graphic Artist Not rated yet
Hi Nick! I'm thrilled to know about your website! I'm an aspiring Graphic Artist and I'm using the Photoshop CS3. I tried to learn everything about it …

Nicholas! Its Park. Not rated yet
Nicholas! I've posted on your father's Linkedin page, and submitted a form/letter on your Contact Us page. Please e-mail me or call me (even though I …

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GIMP Animation-Your Graphic Buddy-Nicholas Boonrug Schatzki at La CoffeeMelodie Suite

Graphic Buddy! Come share your expertise in making graphic-arts, graphic-animations, help with questions and answers in Gimp and Photoshop, and just be a buddy!

I will show you my tips and technique one topic at the time. If you like my tutorial, please bookmark my page and subscribe to the website's feed, this way you won't miss any update.

Nicholas Boonrug Schatzki Your Graphic Buddy at La CoffeeMelodie Suite

Also, ahem.. please keep me inspired, a burger and a milk shake would be nice. :-D

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I is really for other not-so-little monkeys who keep the Web site running.

This is why I would rather have a milk shake and a burger!

Thanks so much, everyone!

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