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True Artists Design
a True Artists Service for Smart Public-Relations
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We create an IMPACT Signature on your PR packet!!

CD Cover, CD design, Business Card, Postcard, Flyer, Poster, Brochure,
Letter Head, and Your Signature Logo

These are the packing - the wrapper - the shell

BUT an impression that they create is important - very important -

YES, people do judge the book by its cover, I still firmly believe that, ultimately, your product makes the final decision.

BUT, before anything, you have to get pass the first impression test.

This is why you cannot just simply throw things together
to create your portfolio

If you give the time and careful attention to what dress or what suit and tie to put on, which shoes to wear, how to style and color you hair, do your regular dental check-up, watch what you eat and do your exercises, or, even have a personal trainer; then you should also give some attention to your PR packet since they are your identification card. They reperesent YOU when people do not have a chance to see you and be charmed by you in person!

Be responsible to yourself and know what you put out to the public eyes

Because what you put out says who you are.

You have the talent
You have the package to offer

And you need to find the person who is
knowledgeable and versatile

with applying the right tools
-with the right amount of pressure-
at the right places

in order to produce the best possible outcome for you.

Please search and research!

Your Signature Graphic-Printing Art
carefully crafted by us
sends the perfect message about you and your artistry

Graphic Samples

Please take a look around you
on this page and other pages
on La CoffeeMelodie Suite website

Still would like to see more?

Graphic Samples

We take pride in our design and creation. All of our clients are not the same and we do not do 'stocked' or 'canned' design (if you can call that a design); therefore, we will not set fixed prices on our graphic-printing art that represents you - the unique and the one and only YOU - until we have met and talked with you. We will highlight your strong and special qualities and capture them in our creation of your signature printing-graphic art, so that it speaks for you and create a positive impact on people. (Please be sure to remember us and come back when you need help building your fan club!!!)
Contact us today to set up a consultation.

Need an advice?
Consult us!

Smart PR&Advertising Consultant

Here we offer PR consultation for performers and musicians
as well as advertising consultation
for other products, services or businesses.

With our team's experiences both as professional singers and as a former CEO of a sales & marketing company where the heart of the business was advertising, you can rest assure that we will take care of putting the spotlight on you and putting you in the public eye so that you can just focus on your artistry.

True Artists Video Art Design

Design and Create
Not just a video, but Video Art

True Artists Graphics&Printings Design

Printings Design - Flyer, brochure, invitation, postcard
Trademark yourself - Logo, business card, letter head
Personal Keepsake - Photo album slide show music video, photo scanning-restoration-reproduction
Audio Clean-up

As a Token of our Appreciation

True Artists Design clients will be invited to join (each client will choose a category that best suits her/him):

ArtistsExclusive Lounge and Gallery

-Comes with a page that features your artist profile and privileges of using the Lounge to share and discuss ideas and to announce and promote your up-coming productions.


-A place especially create for young artists and musicians where music activities such as classes, workshops and performances will be offered. Our young artists will have their profiles featured as well.

Classical Music Lovers Social Club

-A social club where like-minded classical music lovers gather to enjoy music activities and presentations - these also include traveling to performances.

Build stronger music community, please let others know about us!

Advertising Yourself

If you want an audience the responsibility for finding it is squarely on you. Until you reach a certain level of notoriety you shouldn't expect your excellence alone to draw people. There are, for example, great shower singers in the world, but no one knows of them: and that's all they'll ever do.

On the one hand I suppose some really don't care- at a certain level people do things solely for themselves. Great art and artistry, though, should be shared, and most everyone in one way or another does seek some external validation of his work.

Don't sacrifice your integrity, but put yourself "out there." If that means attending or putting up your own concerts, singing in local choirs, or creating and distributing publicity materials then do it. Enlist the help of experts, if you like, in order to make an even more positive impression on your future fans. So may artists are unable to undertake these "down-to-earth" tasks, but they are absolutely essential for those who want to make their marks.

The simple fact is that you must be in the public eye. Unfortunately, many feel that this is a Catch-22 of sorts: I'm not "out there" because no one knows me, and no one knows me because I'm not "out there." If this is how you think, though, you're just being weeded out and those better suited to survival- those who take the initiative- will pass you by.

No one said an artist's job is easy. Unlike so many others his output is not easily quantifiable: there is no true and objective standard by which his work can be judged, and so often great performers are passed over for no apparent reason.

So what is an artist to do?

How does he show potential audiences that he is worthy of their attention?

Who's the "better" violinist, Jascha Heifetz or Joshua Bell? Who's the "better" singer, Luciano Pavarotti or Franco Corelli?

Who's the "better" artist, Pablo Picasso or Vincent van Gogh? Who is the "greater" composer, Mozart or Bach? The questions are almost nonsensical, for while there are certain objectives that each of these strives toward, what makes each of these an "artist" is his individuality- his uniqueness- as well as the sensibilities of the audience. It's a very interesting discussion to compare their different qualities, but pretty much pointless to say that one is "better" than another.

In the business world, though, all that matters is the "bottom line." Athletes, too, are evaluated objectively: a .300 batting average is better than .260, a birdie is better than a bogey, and if you score fifteen touchdowns in a season it's better than scoring only four. Of course, an athlete's worth is predicated on more than just statistics, but they nevertheless play a large part.

You want a doctor who saves a large percentage of his patients, an airline pilot who's never had a crash, a bank that pays more interest on your savings. These are all measurable facts and subject to inevitable, and often justifiable, comparisons.

Now, I suppose we can often come to a general consensus that a given artist is good or bad too, but even then it is difficult to explain exactly why. They certainly don't use the tool of objective comparison in highlighting their strengths. A singer doesn't say, "I crack a smaller percentage of my high Cs than 90% of all working tenors," and a cellist doesn't say "My tone is 55% fuller than 98% of all working cellists today." Even if these statistics were somehow available and accurate it probably wouldn't even matter: we don't value our art and artists this way. Artists are really at the mercy of the subjectivity of their own endeavors.

What this means is that, as an artist, you can't rely on your ability alone to carry you out to the world: you have to advertise yourself in as many positive ways as possible.

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