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Gathering-info: Learn as I go

Pradichaya Gafaae Poonyarit shares with you her experience, and, hopefully, the know-how.

Pradichya Poonyarit

What you are about to see is something that started back in 2006. The original stroy was first told at the end of 2008.

la-coffee-melodie-suite Web basics building guide. la-coffee-melodie-suite
How-I-build this website.

To all Website newbies out in the big world wide web, I share my experiences with you: From when the beginning of the idea of owning a site manifested itself inside my head, through many research hours- plus being bombarded with too much information- to slowly, but maturely finding my way through many trials and errors, and a lot of frustration. Hopefully, this story will help to make your Website- building journey a good learning experience and a pleasurable one.


I turned my attention back to my soprano website - the only website I had at the time. (Okay, I built one for my baritone, too, - but that serves a purpose of a business card only.) I was aware of search engines, adwords, adsense, ads, ads, ads... I felt like a person without any of her senses, since everywhere I turned I felt bombarded with so much information, most of which is conflicting and contradictory. One thing most had in common, though: each led me to give them all my contact info and tried to get my money at the end.

First I checked my ranking, googling my name every which way I could. Two hundred hits, most of which were left over from having performed and conducted classes in Thailand - including some controversial topics that I didn't start, but paid for (now, don't you all run to look me up: it's not worth it, so please stick with this!!!!). My website did show up, but it wasn't in the top part of the search result. Then, I checked my baritone's name - wow, it showed up ten times more than mine, but his website wasn't at the top of the page, either. I figured that I would place as many links between his and my websites to see if and how much the ranking improved. The difference was subtle. At this point, the terms meta keywords, meta tags, and meta descriptions came to my attention. I didn't know what they were, but their presence on my radar made me think that I should find out. I gathered what I learned, ran back to my website (and Ralph's), and I played with the keywords and descriptions. My understanding perhaps wasn't correct, and I still didn't get better rankings. This time, though, I came across many companies who sell software to 'optimize search engines' (huh? ) that came with '3000 free submissions' (wow, that's a lot, do I need that many? What happens after the 'free submission' run out) to 'popular search engines' (sorry, I recognized only the typical google, yahoo, msn, and I only use google - the rest are just exotic names to me - but I'm sure it's because of my lack of Internet fluency). I decided to pay a company to help put me on top (of the SE - don't think otherwise!) Again, ignorance is not always bliss: eight hundred hits on my name, and a hundred junk emails a day, literally jamming my inbox everyday.

Wait a minute - I spent money so that my name 'Pradichaya' would show up in more numbers? It's a proper name, a foreign name - duhhhh!!! Unless I was some world famous figure like Luciano Pavarotti, NOBODY will know me. (Of course, I COULD start a scandal with someone famous, my music would get five million downloads overnight and, if I played it right, I'd jumpstart my singing career - heck, I'd jumpstart ANY career). Okay, comedy aside: I asked myself why anyone would care to look into Pradichaya's website, and what reason I could give so folks would want to see it. That was followed by a harder question: if and when my website is visited, how I would turn regular browsers into clients - for singing, singing lessons, buying my merchandise, or even donating a few dollars toward my efforts for the music community? And, the next question became, how would I get folks to keep coming back?

Wow, this is so different from running a sales company with less than ten thousand people. With no direct contact I felt so out of my element!!!

Piggy bank alert!!! I needed great photos to feature my items, not just the blurry ones that I had for my humble soprano website. I wouldn't want to invest on a brand new camera, though, unless I wanted to make selling a serious business. Okay, I could be serious. As I got into building my eBay selling place, I winced as I came to see that I'd get charged for every tiny little thing. It is a huge company, and they've got to be making money in order to maintain their greatness. I, like most people selling a few items on eBay, was merely a tiny firefly willing to fly into a big beautiful fire - 'brightlight, brightlight.' I linked my eBay page to the gift shop on my website; and while I did get a few browsers, none made any purchase, nor did they become my music fans. I came out of eBay having sold two items – earning a net of about fifty dollars (after Paypal fees - eBay built Paypal, right?), and from my 'experiment' I paid eBay around two hundred dollars. And I'm sure that it was because I didn't really know how to sell on eBay.

No, this executive soprano didn't run away screaming; instead, she searched high and low, up-side-down, and inside-out.

La CoffeeMelodie Suite


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The goal of La CoffeeMelodie Suite is to provide its audience with useful information, for both general education and on specific topics of interest. It has every intention of keeping learning entertaining, yet real, through the use of real life, day-to-day scenarios of what goes on in this family of six. At the same time, it also wants to increase within everyone the awareness of raising a family responsibly, in the hope that this will develop into the production of better quality, and therefore better citizens in society.

The team at this site is working continuously to fulfill its goal, in the hope that La CoffeeMelodie Suite will soon be a one-stop hub for all.

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