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It is my honor and my pleasure to invite you to feature your mini-autobiography (your profile) in our Exclusive Artists Gallery

Acknowledge the ART within your heart;
Make the MUSIC from your soul.

For the Music Community

Pradichaya Gafaae Poonyarit Soprano, Founder and Director of La coffee Melodie Suite
Soprano Pradichaya Gafaae Poonyarit

a musician with the mind of an entrepreneur
welcomes you to explore all possibilities of how we can be...

...beyond our dreams

Our Mission: Reset the balance of the supply-demand scale
  • Supply - Artists/Musicians/Music Professionals
  • Demand - Music Lovers/Audience
  • The Up-Coming - Artists/Musicians and future Music Lovers
  • Artists/Musicians/Music Professionals - To support, share knowledge, generate public relations
  • Music Lovers/Audience - To educate, create understaning, build, and recruit
  • The Up-Coming - To recruit, educate, construct, and give guidance

Your Invitation

Dear friends and colleagues,

I'm sending out this invitation to my good friends and colleagues. I hope you all are doing very well. I'm taking 'Let's link each other' to another step.

Can we talk shop?

Before I begin, I first want to acknowledge that most of you- if not all- have far more experience than Ralph and I, since we only just recently stepped back into the real music world. I don't intend to preach to the choir- you're beyond the beginning stages of a career and at varying stages of being established and happy- and just wish that you take this simply as another way of getting positive exposure for yourself.

As you may already know, Ralph and I are in the very beginning stages of setting up both online and offline music communities - La CoffeeMelodie Suite It is our hope to 'connect the dots' and restore the balance of supply (us artists musicians) and demand (audience, fan base), as well as to educate our up-and- coming generation of artists-musicians-music lovers. Please take a few moments to visit our website where, in more specific detail, you can find out about our purpose and mission.

I am writing today to talk to you about Artists-Musicians Lounge & Gallery, the service we offer to our friends and colleagues - of which I hope you would like to be a part. One of the many goals of LCMS (my organization, not a religious group in Louisiana) is to provide access via the Internet in order to help promote and spread the word about who's who and what each of us is up to, by featuring a profile page complete with headshot-cv-audio or video clip, as well as any other information (such as other businesses, from owning a teaching/coaching studio, performing group/ensemble, weddings, fund-raising gigs, companies, all the way to non music-related businesses and other services that you provide), and redirect links to your websites. Each person will receive a url --- http://www.la-coffee-melodie-suite.com/yourname.html --- Please visit our Gallery to see our features.

All pages will be indexed, and search engines will find you. I will promote your profile in various websites (don't worry, all nice and appropriate, no xxx websites!) and on YouTube and similar video sites. You will be able to post your up-coming performances and events on our calendar (I need 4-6 weeks in advance in order to make sure that your annoucement will reach the public in time). You will also be invited to submit your articles and your videos to the video gallery. Eventually, we will have a 'lounge' - discussion board where ideas will be shared and support will be offered. Please see details of the benefits you will receive just for putting up your mini-autobiography on our website. Think of this as free publicity from a friend.

Whether you are a singer, performer (managed, self-represented, famous and other accomplished artists), coach-voice teacher-educator in your community school system, conductor, director, own your own studio, a performing group, company, are singing in all different house-types; or, are in various areas of the music-making business that I haven't mentioned, I really believe we can all benefit from this offer. All I ask from you is a small area on your website for a link to La CoffeeMelodie Suite and occasional word of mouth advertising. You send me your materials and I will do all the work, and will cover the expenses and the time in putting up your pages.

Why am I doing this? Because I believe we should all join hands and together stand stronger than being the one standing alone. From ancient times (ok, not quite, but close), being a classical musician - especially a singer - was not really popular or completely respected. Although it may seem that we have many friends, when it comes to bringing more 'joy to the world,' as well as putting food on the table, we feel as though we are alone against the world. I want to change all that, especially in such bad economic times, which is why I urge you also to add other services and businesses as part of your cv.

There is no hidden agenda - your skill and your business are yours and nobody can take then from you. Even when we all do the same thing, we each will still be unique because everyone puts her own signature on it.

If you have your products - cds, books, t-shirts, key chains, etc- you are welcome to use my store as another place to sell them. I also make video ads promoting products in my stores and post them to several video sites. This is free advertising for you, the only fee-based service being a small fee involved in selling your products in the store - a fee that applies only when your product is sold. It is less, though, than sites such as cd baby and e-bay. I would like to encourage you to come up with your products - whether they will be cds or coffee mugs with your picture on them - your products are also your identity and signature.

I will also have on the LCMS site a button for donations from those who believe in this mission, although I don't expect my close friends to feel compelled to give.


When you agree to have your profile feature on La CoffeeMelodie Suite, in exchange for placing our link on your website with occasionally word of mouth, you shall receive:

Each profile* page
  • -your headshot and other photos-
  • -your mini-autobiography--your musical journey path--your story-
  • -if you'd like--your official bio-
  • -repertoire-
  • -video clip-
  • -list of businesses and services you provide-
  • -in an addition to links back to your websites (you may send more than one) on texts and photos, I will also add a 'list of link' button-
  • -an embedding code for your page on LCMS will be provided for you to generate at your own free will-

Other pages
  • -article submission-
  • -video (in addition to the one featured on your profile page) submission-
  • -performance/event announcement submission-
  • -being a part of our forum/discussion board**-
  • -your general location** (when someone is looking for a pianist in South Jersey, or a performer in Florida, for example)
  • -advertisement in video, banner, and text forms to promote your profile on our website-
  • -link, link, and, link-

Souvenirs - the Artists' Boutique
  • -no set up fee-
  • -operates as a 'drop-ship- distributor, there's no need to send us your inventory-
  • -small fee to maintain the store which applies ONLY when your product is sold-


* I feature profiles for those who request on their own behalf. I cannot and will not put up a profile based on your request if you do not legally represent the entity for which you have made the request. For example, I will put 'Ralph will perform next month with so&so company', but cannot put so&so company profile up based upon Ralph's request. A representative of so&so company will need to contact me directly and make a request on its own behalf.

** in the process of being built

I hope that, if you've read this far, I've succeeded in sharing my plan with you. Please talk to me if you have questions; otherwise, please go ahead and forward your materials to me at the link provided under this paragraph; I will not edit your written materials, so please kindly check the spellings, be brief and to the point. I don't mind a lot of material as long as you keep it interesting since one of the main puposes is to get the public to learn more about you and like you that it follows you back to your official website.

Please click to send your materials

*** Please refer to our Artists Lounge page for submission policy and guideline

Thank you so much for reading this long email/message. I really hope that you like what I do and believe in the idea, its ability to make things better for our artistic community (so that it doesn't die), and for many more reasons, as well.

Warmest regards,
Pradichaya Gafaae Poonyarit

Build stronger music community, please let others know about us!

Spread the word
Let others know about us

There are embedding codes at the buttom of the page waiting to be taken to your websites, blogs, social network, and email contacts

Please share your suggestions and thoughts of how we can continue the arts for which we are so passionate.

Some of our Divisions


While we seek, build, nurture and watch the growth of our young artists and musicians-in-training through our music classes and activities, we provide for them a place to 'hang out' - a comfort zone so the youngsters can share their stories and form a good relationship among each other.

A young artist/musician who is Core Melody student, Coffee Programs participant, and/or is TAVADesign client will be automatically granted this privilege and will be encouraged to present her/his product in 'Souvenirs' boutique.

Visit 'Souvenirs'

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