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Idiom: For free. Informal. Without charge.

Is free really free?

Is free really free?

When an unfortunate circumstance caused us to decide to move our family of three- back then- to Thailand to work with my parents' company, the first thing I learned was that time had changed everything. The frowned-upon attitude that I remembered, where it came to "free" stuff, was gone. In fact, people seemed to plunge eagerly, and all too easily, into a pool of "free" things. They did it without thinking twice, or even once. To my horror, the more "free" things that were out there, the more people wanted. What had happened to fair trading? It was obvious to me that only the "bad" guys tricked their customers into thinking that they could have things for free. How could people believe that "free" is really "free?” Once consumers would come out of this, they would be very sore, distrustful, and even paranoid. My red flag went up, and all my warning lights went off. The bad guys are really destroying the market for all of us, and by the time the roof would come down they would be at a beach somewhere- spending the money they got from deceiving their consumers. It really made me look at my company's marketing strategy; yet, even after making many adjustments - as many as I could in order to maintain our principles and integrity- I found out to my dismay that, nowadays, it is very difficult to be the good guy. But I still truly believe that bad guys do not end up well, though it can take what sometimes feels like an eternity for them to meet their destinies!

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