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Free - a word so short, so simple, so powerful, going right to the heart of the person who receives it. Yet, if the brain doesn't take action, the heart can be contaminated.

As the world revolves

As the world revolves we evolve, and coming with the evolution is the destruction.

First, there was mom's and pop's storefront. Then came the mall that wiped away mom's and pop's. Next came superstores, which annihilated the stores in the mall. What goes around comes around, and now is the age of the Internet. The only thing requiring us actually to get in the car is to buy groceries. Why go to the mall and superstores, when you can pick and choose the best product at the best price, all while in your pajamas, without even leaving your favorite couch?

People meet the Internet, the Internet, people. What a wonderful and (such an) intriguing concept that, instead of having a store front, you, as a business owner, can reach your "target" audience, globally, within seconds!

At first, it sounded like an excellent idea. Then, you invested into ecommerce, and the more money you spent the more you had to pour in, because it takes more than building a Website. Before you know it, you try to keep up with your competition- and there is a lot. We all try to survive, and at some point cross over and utilize tricks that are included under the term "marketing."

There are many kinds of ventures on the Internet. Some sell hard goods, and some sell information and knowledge. I use the term “sell,” because whether or not we like the term, we all sell something- from solid merchandise to knowledge, information, and even opinions.

Nothing is free. Aside from a few services that I sell outright, I write and share a lot of articles containing information and knowledge on my Website. I like to put what I know on the table, and it's up to my readers to see if they can -and want to- take it and use it any way they want. But what would I like to have in return? My answer is simple: I would like you to enjoy my articles, and- hopefully- you will like me enough to hire me for some of the services I have on the menu.

I lay out what I want to trade with you, my clientele. I can only hope that with all the free stuff over the Internet you will see that nothing is actually free, and that you will use your reason to see what you are willing to accommodate. Do not be deceived by clever "marketing.”

For my fellow eVenders, eEntrepreneurs and eInfopreneurs, I urge you not to bring down the world's economy by leading potential clients to think that you are offering "free" stuff. Spell out what you want in return. People are smart, and if you believe that you sell quality merchandise, they will buy. Keep in mind that you need to preserve the world and its economy for your children. When you are gone, they will still be here, and you don't want them to have a hard time surviving.

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