Free-Its literal definition

If you were to look up the word "free," you'll be amazed that this one syllable word contains many big meanings. (My source is:The Free Dictionary By Farlex)

I glanced down the long list only to find what I was looking for at the very end:

Idiom: For free. Informal. Without charge.

A lesson from my parents

Many years ago, when I was young, I recalled very few commercial products being given away for "free" as part of the promotion, "Buy one get one free." From what I remember, these were frowned upon and were immediately classified as products of lower quality. Once in a while, though, I was drawn to a consumer product (usually a drink powder) that offered (for only a short period of time) a toy. My parents would rebuke me immediately with a stern "no," breaking my heart for a few minutes- until I was attracted by the next toy that came "free" with another product. My parents were in the direct sales business when people were still calling this method of selling the home party plan. They literally brought Tupperware products to Thailand, started the company inside the country, and brought its sales into the top five of worldwide Tupperware distributors for each of the some 18 years in which they were involved with the product. I grew up with the business and, wanting-it-or-not, got to watch, learn and train myself as a "business person." Following our time with Tupperware, we were in the food business until Stanley Home Products (Stanhome) sent its top guys to persuade my parents to sell their products for them. Through all my life, I have been involved with this kind of business, from plastic ware to ready-to-cook food to "green" cleaning compounds and cosmetics- all grade A+++ products.- and the one thing I kept in mind as a rule was: nothing is free, and I refuse to operate based on false and/or misleading statement.

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