"I have lived my life and have had my share of enjoyment, my contentment and my grievance. As a daughter I learned to be grateful and humble. As a mother I learned to be patient and to offer guidance. As a wife I learned to be supportive and understanding. As a student I learned to be thoughtful and diligent. As a teacher I learned to be caring and giving. I am at the stage of life where I can afford to put my knowledge and experience together and do whatever I want with them." -Pradichaya

Pradichaya Gafaae Poonyarit - Meet a Thai soprano who cooks for her large family with just a little bit of common sense and a lot of sense of humor. She does her motherly stuff while singing, teaching and conducting her internet business. She welcomes you to explore all possibilities of how we can be ...beyond our dreams Love what we do, do what we love

Brendan Khunnarug - All Thais are given their formal names and nick names when they were born. Brendan was the only one born in The United States. Since he was Pradichaya's and Ralph's first - they gave him the name that started the whole 'Tong' or family of 'Gold'
Tong-ake - his nick name. Tong means gold and Ake means first, or prime. Tongake together in one word also is a name of a Thai dessert made of eggs, rice flour and sugar, topped with a tiny piece of gold leaf. Brendan loves the theatre and singing as much as he loves to tease his siblings! Strange comparison but so true. Just turned eighteen and is now a university freshman, see what his view of the world.

Nicholas Boonrug - Aka Tongtang. Nicholas' name means gold bar, solid gold. The one with a subtle sense of humor, he is the calmest in the family. He offers graphic tutorial in a simple, easy to understand way. He also accepts graphic requests and hopes to earn a little money while sharing what he loves.

Chayarug Justin - Justin is 'Tongsook' - gold in such good quality it shines and sparkles, and that's who Justin is. A creature of routines, he doesn't like changes. His favorite interest of all time is history and he will get into a discussion with you as soon as he has a chance! We hope that he will share his joy in this topic soon! Justin and Brendan are similar in their strong will and determination. He is fiercefully loyal to his siblings.

Primrug Kaitlyn - Tongta - as good as painted with gold, or, beautiful skin as the color of gold. Kaitlyn is the one and the only little girl around the house. You can imagine how much her brothers adore her - they may show their love differently but they adore her! Kaitlyn's small artwork gallery has its page here. She also makes videos of her reading bedtime stories just because she would like to make bedtime easier for all parents and children out there!

Ralph Schatzki - An American, a husband, a father, a baritone, a voice teacher, a math teacher, a writer, and a devoted Redsox fan, all-in-one person. He writes stories and novels, teaches math, while giving voice lessons and takes care of general household chores. Although he shares the same passion for music with his wife, Ralph loves his family more than anything. Music articles, his view of the balance, math tutoring, and other interesting and useful topics are offered here.

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