Family-Value: The way of the universe, an article

The Way of the Universe, an Article

We learned in grade school science that the earth rotates around itself; and, like other planets in the solar system, it also revolves around the sun. But how does it work when it comes to us the people who share the same space?

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The Way of the Universe

We all learned in grade school science that the earth rotates around itself; and, like other planets in the solar system, it also revolves around the sun. It was very fascinating to me that most planets also have a moon -in some cases, more than one- spinning around them; which makes the whole system a "triple-spin cycle" -and, maybe even more!

In third or fourth grade science, my class went down to our basketball court to learn the solar system by pretending to be planets, moons, stars and the sun. Those of us who were chosen for principal roles (the sun and planets) and comprimario roles (moons and stars) had to spin around themselves while rotating around the sun. The class was so big that many of us had to accept being just the "extras" and become some dust and particles "floating" around the great universe. Even though we rotated rather slowly, our "stars" (as in those who were the main characters, aka the planets) became somewhat light-headed. As an extra, I didn't mind floating -or, perhaps it was more like swimming- with more freedom in the empty space. If anyone from the elementary building happened to look outside the window, they would see something quite spectacular. What a big, big universe that we share! I had fun that day, and even learned something!

La CoffeeMelodie Suite on Family Value-The way of the universe

Now, as an adult who wears many hats, there is one hat that stays on all the time so that it's become a part of me. That hat is the teacher's hat. As a mother, I have been- and still am- my children's first teacher. As a performer, I teach through the beauty of the arts I share with my audience. As a head-to-toe business person, I teach through my communication and transactions. And, as a human being, I teach through kindness, generosity, compromise, and forgiveness.

What I -a third or fourth grader- learned that day at the school basketball court was that the universe is very large, and that we all have to work hand-in-hand with each other to keep the system running smoothly.

La CoffeeMelodie Suite on Family Value-The way of the universe

What I realize today, as an adult who has lived her life long enough to "have done that already (and, therefore, I know what you are up to)", was that the science experiment from so long ago taught me a valuable lesson far beyond mere science. It made me aware that each of us has a responsibilty. Whether we are planets, moons, stars, or even space dust particles, we are all important and a part of the universe. We all have our own "thing" to do, yet it is vital that while we do our "thing" we are aware of others sharing the space in this great universe, and that we don't let the "thing" that we do interrupt and disturb the way of the solar system. In truth, on top of doing our "thing" (whether it is raising family, putting food on the table, working hard to get ahead, or all of the above), in order to keep our universe running in good harmony we have to perform another role side-by-side. -This role we perform is equally as important as our "thing," if not, more. This is the responsibility and the sensibility toward one another. Adding generosity with compromise, understanding, and a lot of forgiveness will make it even better. We do not own this universe alone, and are as much the owner as is the person to our left. There's no exception, whether we are a main principal or "only" a dust particle. -This universe is equally owned and shared.

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In fact, it is time-shared- when we leave, it would be very much appreciated by our offspring if we were to leave them with a solid foundation of how to be a good part, and the shared-owner of the universe, so that they can continue the good attitude and manner and pass it down to their children.

As the earth rotates it goes through many changes. It used to be we were born to our country, and that was our world. We did things that served the best for the country without any concern about countries in other parts of the world. There almost was no option. What we saw was what we got. It was easier that way, was it not -thinking that we were the only ones in the universe, not knowing, and therefore not aware of things that were going on around us? But look at how far we've come! Now we have not just turtle-snail communication, but global communication that lets us keep up with the fast pace of the world in "real time." Quite intriguing, as well as potentially over-stimulating, isn't it!

La CoffeeMelodie Suite on Family Value-The way of the universe

Yet there are still so many who are ignorant and, worse, those who pretend to be ignorant, thinking that they can make others so weary of them and let them have their way. Those who are not good teammates and want it all, regardless. Those who, without sensitivity, and with a lot of self-importance, go about their business bumping into others right and left; but, at the same time, still demanding more and more of the shared space, claiming it is theirs. "This is who I am, rotate around me." This type is often set in his way, insisting his poor neighbors (who, evidently are kinder, but happen to be only dust particles according to him) listen to what he has to say. "Don't bother sharing your opinion. Mine is the only one that matters." Nothing stops this type, and she pushes further, "My way is the only way and you have to oblige," and, "This is how I do things at home, and as your guest here in your house, I expect them done the way I want." Or, "I can criticize you and everything about you, but don't you touch me and my family, for we are perfect." The bottom line is, "I only care about me and mine."

As these people go around expecting things to be done "their way," they complain about everything even though complaints from others about their behavior are not acceptable. The irony is that the theme is "my way;" but in zeroing in on what they want so intensely they don't realize they contradict themselves. Yet, they still insist on being "right" at their own convenience!


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Do we think that this is an act of pettiness by some woman (me), and that it's alright and can be overlooked, since such people will eventually go home and it will soon pass? No, for if they act this way on a household scale they will act the same way on the national scale. Can you think of anyone like this in the government telling you that they are doing their best, the job that makes the country -of wherever you belong- to make it the best place for you and me?

Not to mention the kind of legacy they pass down to their children, grandchildren, and so on.

Children learn from their parents (and parent figures). When their parents treat their neighbors without kindness, compromise, forgiveness, or self-awareness, but only with "self"-ishness and a lack of the sense of being responsible, how would the children not believe that what they have learned is the right thing and the good thing?

The challenge is that these people believe their way is right as much as I believe

La CoffeeMelodie Suite on Family Value-The way of the universe

their way is full of "self"-ishness and lacking in human sensitivity. But, it is something that we cannot just simply avoid. These people are around us, and if we don't find a way to let them see the other side of the fence they will continue interrupting the way of the universe- the good harmony of side-by-side and hand-in-hand way of people sharing one world. Otherwise, when they pass on, their children will take their place and then our children will suffer.

I have wasted so much of my life thinking that I was being polite, by smiling and letting them carry on about their greatness; when, in fact, I contributed to bringing down the world by not instating my belief and standing firmly my ground . This, alone, was an act of irresponsibility toward my children. -In what kind of world will they live after I die? I am one voice, and we all have one voice, each. Together we can try to make the world the fair-shared-space for all. Let the universe continue on its way, for not to do otherwise will destroy us all.

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