Facebook-Timeline Tutorial

Create your unique killer signature timeline cover photo banner

A tutorial on why and how you should make a good plan to create the layout of the timeline cover photo for your Facebook profile, and how to put your unique signature on it by showing you how to put your thoughts into perspective, resulting in a killer timeline banner. Add a little pizazz to bring attention to who you are, and the spotlight on your online presence.

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Facebook-Timeline Tutorial by Digital Arts Design. La CoffeeMelodie Suite.

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This tutorial puts your brain in gear for creativity. Rather than simply giving you a step-by-step direction to follow, it guides and trains your thinking process into the creating and designing mode.

Facebook-Timeline: Have you changed yet?

Have you changed, yet, from the old look to the new timeline, with a sassy banner as the header of your page? It's official: by the end of January 2012, all Facebook users will have timelines as part of their profiles. Did you also know that Twitter is now testing on some of its user profiles, its own, soon-to-be-released, timeline-featured photos? Whether it's the soon-to-be-released Twitter, or at-the-present-time Facebook, what makes it really cool -at least to me anyway- is that everyone gets to make her timeline banner cover (or featured) photo. This gets my creative juices really bubbling with excitement, for I always look for new things to try out. Add to that the fact that I love to design, and once again I am provided a perfect reason (or excuse) to be creative in a different way from my routine, day-to-day creativity.

I wasn't the first among my friends who went into the new timeline. Although I had wanted to switch for some time, I was backed-up with past-due work and had to wait. But I did check it out! After seeing some of the photos my friends used, I typed into the search box, "What is the size of Facebook timeline cover photo?" I knew that Facebook would stretch and shrink (although not in the same shot!) any photo you might put in as your cover photo, and its quality would therefore be sacrificed. To maximize your photo's quality would require finding out the size Facebook uses, and then making your image in that exact size.

Without further ado, let's get started on your unique killer signature timeline cover photo project.

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Facebook-Timeline tutorial
Layout- Planning the perfect cover photo
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