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Core Melody Voice Teaching Studio-Voice lessons-Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania

A 60-minute session for the most serious of students who wants to improve his singing, each participant receives individualized attention depending upon his needs. As these are taught on a one-to-one basis, students can be sure they will receive a wealth of information, ranging from how to optimize their vocal production to points on style and performance practice.

Voice Studio - where artists in training, emerging artists, and more experienced artists who wish to work on a particular area of your voices are given individualized attention and are nurtured according to your needs. We also create performance opportunities as part of your growth.

Please  use the form provided on this page to write to us about setting up lessons, scheduling lesson times, and making other inquiries.  In order to expedite the process, please provide us with the best way to contact you (i.e. phone number, email address).

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All lessons are paid in advance.

Cancellation Policy - 24-hour notice prior to the scheduled lesson time is accepted, otherwise the student is responsible for the payment of the canceled lesson. If there is an emergency, please contact us BY PHONE as soon as possible. Please DO NOT come when you have a contagious illness. Student has a period of one week (7 days) from the day of the missed scheduled lesson to make up that particular missed lesson. Student who pays for four lessons in advance has a period of 30 days from the day payment is received to complete all four lessons. Like all athletic training, taking voice lessons involves physical training and tremendous mental dedication. It is very important that, to become a good singer, a student needs to dedicate and commit oneself in that manner, just as in all other athletic training. Please talk to us if there's a problem.

After you make your payment, please take a few moments to give us your contact information in the 'Contact Us' page.

Classical Music Lovers Social Club

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Purchase products from 'Souvenirs', become participants and members of Core Melody and Classical Music Lovers Social Club and help spread the word about our teaching and outreach in Coffee Programs. Please keep us in mind when you and people in your network look for performances and products for fund-raising and other functions. We are looking for large room or hall with a piano for rehearsals, performances and classes, a large space for our club meetings, and transportation to and from surrounding metropolitan area for performances; and, every penny counts. We appreciate any and every cent of your donation for "Acknowledge the ART within your heart; make the MUsic from you soul"

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No amount is too small. We deeply appreciate your helping hands to keep the music alive.

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As as expression of our sincerest gratitude, we would like to present our patrons with one year of honorary Classical Music Lovers Social Club membership for gifts of one hundred dollars and more.

For gifts of five hundred dollars, you will receive one year of honorary CML Social Club membership, and a CD Album 'The Possible Dream'

For gifts of one thousand dollars and more, each patron will receive the aforementioned club membership and a CD, plus, we will present you with a melodie-on-the-go performance, delivered right to your living room or other venue of your choice.

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