Creative design thinking tutorial by Digital Arts Design

In order to design, one must first think creatively. When it comes to creative thinking, one must have a goal before he builds a path leading to such goal.

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Give your thought a purpose. Direct the path to your goal.


This section focuses on guiding you to put your thought process into perspective, along the lines of training the brain to think creatively. You will not be given a step-by-step easy-to-follow how-to tutorial, as there are other tutorials on this Website that do just that already. It is an excellent exercise to organize our thoughts and train our -otherwise busy- brains to stay focused in order to not only achieve our goal, but also to maximize the quality of the result. Also beneficial along this line is your gaining the ablility to be more patient, more tolerant, and more determined.

Two birds with one stone

For the purposes of practice, I use different graphic creations as my tutorials. You will also benefit by adding more to your knowledge base.

Design-and-Create. Creative design thinking tutorial by Digital Arts Design. La CoffeeMelodie Suite.

Give relief to your perception.
Take one step to the right and
view it from another angle.

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