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  • Welcome to Core Melody Voice Studio

    Located in Easton, Pennsylvania, in beautiful Lehigh Valley. Within easy driving distance of central Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York City
  • The Beautiful-Singing Technique

    Sing anything, sing well. Shine best in every musical style you sing.
  • A safe and comfort learning environment

    A boutique style voice studio at the private residence of seasoned and experienced performing artists, Pradichaya Poonyarit and Ralph Schatzki.
  • Singing is such a fundamental part of being human

    Becoming a better singer makes us each feel better about ourselves.
  • Teaching Philosophy

    A firm and healthy foundation in proper vocal technique is the prerequisite which best allows a singer to perform with flexibility, strength and longevity in any genre or style.
  • Great people in every field

    - Art, sports, medicine, etc.- constantly develop and refine their talents through education, training, and practice. If one aspires to be a serious singer, he needs to study singing as seriously as an aspiring doctor or athlete studies his craft.
  • Singing is an activity common to us all yet unique to everyone

    Full of self- discovery, the art of voice teaching requires on the teacher's part an acute awareness that each student entering her studio does so from a different place on his road to improvement.
  • What to expect

    Anyone who endeavors to undertake the study of singing should be prepared for some hard work; and, since the price for voice lessons- depending on one's location and teacher- can range into the hundreds of dollars per hour, you are paying good money and deserve the same effort from your teacher in return. We take seriously our role as vocal instructors, just as we expect our students, as well, to put forth their best efforts while in the studio.
  • Signing up

    Prospective and new students, help us help you! This is a one-time form and you need to fill and submit. The information you provide will help us come up with best possible approach in tailoring the best lesson for you.
  • Our door is always open

    For providing more details and answering questions you may have regarding taking voice lessons with us. With 20 years experience of teaching aspiring singers, and close to 30 years of performing experience, when it comes to the voice, we are the experts.
  • Learn more about the voice teachers

    Pradichaya Poonyarit | Soprano and Ralph Schatzki | Baritone. Both are seasoned and experienced performers and teachers. Singing is their passion, and teaching is their legacy. Find out more.
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