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Our Philosophy

Singing is an activity common to us all yet unique to everyone; for while the underlying principles of good vocal technique are the same for all - grounded in physiology and physics - each person's distinct characteristics, emotional makeup and innate musicality mean that the journey toward vocal proficiency is a unique one, full of self- discovery. Therefore, the art of voice teaching requires on the teacher's part an acute awareness that each student entering her studio does so from a different place on his road to improvement.

However, it is also important to realize that, while each student's journey is particular to him, most do end up traveling along the same road, since proper technique is grounded in what is natural - natural breath and natural phonation - and is then built upon through the focus on better and stronger resonance.

A firm and healthy foundation in proper vocal technique is the prerequisite which best allows a singer to perform with flexibility, strength and longevity in any genre or style.

We offer 60-minute lessons in order to give sufficient time to our students both to absorb the information given them and to begin to put it into practice. Since each singer is unique in his ability and in his progress, each receives individualized attention and instruction depending upon his needs, though certain basic principles are taught to all, including breath control and posture. Stylistic and linguistic points are also discussed, as they are necessary components of singing artistry.

Learning to sing is a process. Just as one cannot become a great golfer after a mere one or two lessons, so, too, must one persevere if he wishes to sing anything and to sing well. Without a doubt, the most important consideration is the diligence of the student. Like a golfer, a singer must practice regularly in order to develop the self-awareness and good habits necessary to improve. Above all, he must recognize that this improvement, while it must always be steady, may at times be slow. As with any teacher, our role is to keep him on track and to answer any questions he may have.

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Core Melody: Back to the Basics of Singing

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Excerpts from Musetta's Waltz, "Quando m'en vo" form Puccini's opera La Boheme.
Sung by Pradichaya Poonyarit

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