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New Student, please take a few minutes to fill in the form. Please double check the email address and phone number so that we will be able to contact you. After you submit the form, please proceed to making your payment for the first lesson.

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Voice Lesson Scheduling-Core Melody Studio
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The fee for one lesson is $65 and the session is 60 minutes long. After you submit this form please proceed to make your payment. Use the phone number on your paypal receipt to call us to schedule your lesson; otherwise we will contact you by phone, and, if necessary, by email. Please read our guidelines and policy. Please make sure that all your contact information is filled in correctly.

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The fee is sixty-five dollars ($65.-) for one 60-minute lesson.

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After your payment is recieved, you will be contacted by phone, and possibly, by email to schedule the first lesson. Our phone number is also provided on your paypal receipt, in case you choose to call us.

Please also read studio policy -and- What to expect in the lesson at Core Melody Voice Studio

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