To the basics of singing

Core-Melody: To the basics of singing

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"I chose the name Core Melody for my voice studio because the words are meaningful. The name stands for the base -the heart and soul- of one's sound production. The ability to make sound, and to sing, is one of our body's natural functions."

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I chose the name Core Melody for my voice studio because the words are meaningful. The name stands for the base -the heart and soul- of one's sound production. The ability to make sound, and to sing, is one of our body's natural functions, yet we tend to forget about it and take it for granted, just as we do with our abilities to see, hear, and think.

If we give it some thought, though, we realize that we depend on our bodies to produce sound. -It is purely physical. As we exhale, the air passes through the vocal cords, creating vibrations. These vibrations are sound. In order to finish a sentence, one must inhale. In order to speak and/or sing steadily and firmly, and to carry through a longer phrase, one must inhale and learn to exhale in a small but steady stream, utilizing the strength of the body to resist the urge to exhale all at once.

This is the "core" in the name of my voice studio. It is "core" melody because, in making melody, we must NOT ignore the core of the body.

Forget the myth that only "fat" ladies (and gentlemen) are able to sing. We all arrive at the right size for our individually-produced sound. Our ability to make a pretty sound does not rely upon how overweight or slender we are; but, rather, upon how we incorporate our body -at whatever size we are- into singing (and speaking). This is a technique which takes time -and, for some, a lifetime, because serious voice students constantly re-incorporate it into their daily routines. This is something that I encourage even beginning students to do, since it's not only beneficial to the singing/speaking voice, but also to one's overall body breathing-stretching-strengthening. Today's popular reality shows, such as "American Idol," afford many young people a platform where they can sing to their hearts' content, but they do so breathing improperly and using their muscle strength incorrectly. At the same time, most of them show the early warning signs -if not the outright symptoms- of serious vocal damage. Yet, judges, fans, and others let this go unnoticed. It is not an "it-is-what-it-is" factor. It is not something that adds to the sexiness or uniqueness of the voice, either. I grew up with pop-style singing, and even now still enjoy listening to it very much, but I happen to be very protective of my voice and would love to be able to sing nicely until the last days of my life. I hate to see so many pretty voices have such short lives because their owners fail to utilize them properly.

My brass instrumentalist friend often said, "No air, no sound," and I'd like to add, "No strength, short-lived sound."

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