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Live Vocal Performance presented to you home-party-plan style

Become Show&Tell Home Party's Host Today!

La Coffee-Melodie-Suite provides you with a Live Vocal Performance Home-Party-Plan style

This is a part of our Music for Community Program
Now you can enjoy a beautiful live vocal performance ranges from an introduction of operatic arias to songs from your favorite Broadway musicals

With friends and family members
- Right At The Comfort Of Your Own Home -

Presented to you AT NO COST
Hosts will received our heart-felt gifts as a token of appreciation

Host CofeeMelodie Show&Tell Home Party Plan Today!

What or Who is CofeeMelodie?

Pradichaya Gafaae Poonyait and Ralph Schatzki - residents of Easton, PA - an operatic couple who are married to the arts as well as to each oher. As active singers, they make it their quest to build, generate, and represent the love of music in all generations of the people living in the Lehigh Vallery as its vicinity.

What is CofeeMelodie Show&Tell Home Party?

A singing home-party-plan presenting the aforementioned couple where their talents and performance tidbits will be shared with you and your guests, in order to entertain and to build an understanding and friendship between you.

What does a host do?

A host work with La CoffeeMelodie Suite's team to set a date and time for the Show&Tell Singing Party at his/her house, and invites family and friends.

Is there a charge?

A travel fee will be applied to a distance of 25 miles and up from our Easton's office address. If the host's residence is in Easton, PA there is no charge to host or to attend the singing party; however, any support furnished to CoffeeMelodie Show&Tell program by guests and their host will be greatly appreciated and helps enable La CoffeeMelodie Suite to continue to bring the music to you, as well as help educating ou next generation of artists and muscians.

As a Token of our Appreciation

La CoffeeMelodie Suite will present our host a CD Album-The Possile Dream (sold worldwide by CD Baby)

One Booking - The host receives 1 one-hour singing lesson (transferrable to any member ages 15 and above in the host's household)

Two Bookings - The host receives 2 one-hour singing lessons (transferrable to any member ages 15 and above in the host's household)

Three Bookings and up - In an addition to 2 one-hour singing lessons, the host will be presented a $10.- Gift Certificate to shop for any fine products inclding Thai Handicrafts, Fine Jewelry, and Music Products at Souvenirs La CoffeeMelodie Suite's Artists Boutique

Artists Everywhere

Fame is a funny thing in that it often doesn't come to those with the most talent. This is not to say that those who have it don't deserve it; no, with very few exceptions it is something that has been earned, cultivated and developed. Although I suppose each of us can think of people whom we feel are undeserving of their accolades, the vast majority of household names are just that for a reason.

Unfortunately for many others, at some point the public- not individuals, mind you, but that vast collective entity- feels that one's lack of success equates with one's lack of ability. But nothing is further from the truth! There are thousands of anonymous individuals who are supremely talented and go about their business unrecognized by virtually everyone. It may simply be that they prefer to live away from the spotlight, or they may have other aspects of their lives that take precedence. In many cases, however, it is simply that they haven't achieved notoriety because they haven't been in the right place at the right time, as the saying goes.

The proliferation of the media has not helped with this, either, although this has been through no fault of its own. The feats and exploits of today's artists, sports figures and writers are instantly transmitted to millions of people, and if one is not part of the wave then he has fallen behind. Those who are fortunate enough to be in the public eye are carried along by the PR machine, and those who are not- despite their abilities- are more often than not forgotten.

There is an upside to this, however: you have the chance to enjoy extremely talented people doing what they do best, almost every day and in almost every place. Your local artists, writers and athletes can bring joy to you in the same way Van Gogh, Beethoven and Shakespeare bring joy to the entire world, except that you also have the opportunity of experiencing something unique to your community. Seek out your local community's talent: you won't be disappointed!

The Value of "Live"

Nowadays, at the push of a button you can have hundreds of television channels from which to choose, or you can go to a movie theater at which ten or twenty different movies are all playing at once. Television was not always such a ubiquitous presence, however, and there are still some who can remember when live radio broadcasts were the cutting edge in entertainment and movie theaters had but a single screen. Of course, prior to that, the only way to see a show was to view it "Live".

The word "Live" is something of a misnomer, of course, since everything is done- at the time- live. It's the connotation that a performance is not edited or polished in any way that makes it "Live". Today, we are now so used to listening to our favorite songs, or watching our favorite TV shows or movies, polished to perfection, over and over. This single version of an event becomes the "legitimate" one, and a "Live" performance, at least on one level, strikes some as decidedly odd: perhaps a relic of an older age.

Yet, if you have had the good fortune to attend a live performance- whether it be a rock band, symphony concert, opera or community theater- you will surely notice an excitement that is conspicuously absent in the recorded versions of our entertainment choices. There is a palpable energy you feel, perhaps because you are present at the moment of artistic creation. Maybe it's the fact that you simply don't know what will come next, and that unpredictability keeps you enthralled. Or, maybe it's because you, simply by the virtue of being present, are actually part of the experience!

Having ten thousand songs or five hundred movies at your immediate disposal is a wonderful thing- something the people of two or three generations ago would find astounding- but it also cheapens the value of each song or movie. After all, if something is so easy to obtain, then, regardless of its intrinsic worth, it has far less value to us simply because of its ubiquity. "Live" performance, though, is unlike anything else, and helps lend a newfound respect for art and artists. It is something we should seek out, support, foster and nurture.

Build stronger music community, please let others know about us!

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