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    Besides golfing or cavemen, what do you think of when you hear the word club? Do you think of a cliquish group of elitists, turning their noses up and their gazes down toward everyone else who doesn't belong? Or do you think of Groucho Marx's famous quote in which he said he would never belong to a club that would have him as a member?

    Well, in their best incarnations, clubs serve the valuable purpose of bringing people together in order to work toward a goal or enjoy a common experience. Book clubs, for example, not only give people the incentive to read great (and not-so-great) literary works, but their experiences are enhanced when they get together to discuss and consider viewpoints which they had not before considered. Sports clubs enable people to meet others with a similar interest, and provide a vast array of playing partners; which, in turn, leads to an improved level of skill for all.

    Unfortunately, there are extraordinarily few music clubs, even though getting together with fellow music lovers - already an enjoyable event - is a wonderful way to broaden one's musical horizons. This is why we have created Classical Music Lovers Social Club: we can all benefit by sharing with one another our musical knowledge, tastes and favorite musical genres, works, artists and performances.

    Whether it be watching a recorded performance and getting together afterwards to discuss it, or attending a live concert, or discussing in general the trends of the art itself, Classical Music Lovers Social Club is a great way to meet and befriend others who have similar tastes to yours. Join now and let's get busy listening!

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