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Chef-Me-Not!! - Not just any typical cooking guide!
Chef-Me-Not Best Survival Guide Cooking by Instinct.
Not just your typical Thai recipe cooking guide!

Chef-Me-Not Best Survival Guide Cooking by Instinct

Join the journey of cooking, from the ancient Thai world to modern America.

A Quick Note from Pradichaya

"Hello! I'm Pradichaya Gafaae. It's very nice meeting you all here!

I see myself as a very practical and versatile person. I am a singer - a soprano - to be specific. I also am an Internet business newbie, on my way to becoming a tech geek. My current job starts when I get up and can last anywhere from 12 - 16 hours, but with a few breaks in between. My longest break is usually around five in the afternoon when I go into the kitchen and prepare dinner while spending time with my three-still-at-home children (the oldest has gone off to college)

When the kids are not interested in having a conversation with me, I'd hop between the piano room (or the "museum", named by friends of our kids) and whatever is cooking at the time on the stovetop or in the oven and manage to vocalise, or, sometimes can squeeze in an operatic aria or two - depends the timing of the food!

As said in the title - Chef-Me-NOT!! Despite what my friends and family members repeatedly tell me, I am anything and everything but that! I only cook to survive and I don't have time to learn new exotic ingredients' or dishes' name, or, go out of my way to seek the knowledge. I am a very busy woman whose gift is an ability to visualize a plan in my head and carry it out successfully as I go by putting all my senses to work! I would like Chef-Me-Not to be entertaining. If you see my unorthodox way of doing things interesting and would like to test it on yourself please feel free to do so!

Have the most wonderful Chef-Me-Not day!

Best regards,

Pradichaya Gafaae Poonyarit"

It's about time I talk about my cooking!

It's about time I talk about my cooking after a deliberate effort of putting it off for so long.

So what is my fear exactly?

My fear is that I won't be able to present and deliver my cooking in the way that everybody is used to, and, therefore, expect. I am not a cook, nor a chef, am not even qualified to be a -sous- anything anywhere. I cook because I have to eat (oh yes, I do). I cook because I have a family to feed. I cook because in my family, eating brings everyone together. And yes, I admit it, I like to eat. I don't usually go out of my way to bring in ingredients, but I will see what I have in the fridge and can usually manage a decent meal out of -sometimes- a few items if they are all I have before the next food shopping trip. My husband takes care of grocery shopping since I'm strapped in front of the laptop all day long, and he normally buys what he thinks is the 'basic stuff' Yet I receive all kinds of praise and cheers from family members and friends for whom I cook. I keep hearing suggestions that I should enter some of those cooking reality shows - chef this and chop that - I appreciate and am flattered at the suggestion, but I am not even close to the level to enter such competition. Heck, I can't even name some of those dishes.

I cook because:

  • I have a family to feed.
  • In my family, eating brings everyone together.
  • I find cooking a great way to let go of unpleasantries.
  • Alright, I admit it, I like to eat.
Why do you cook? Share your thoughts with us.

I don't usually go out of my way to bring in ingredients, but I will see what I have in the fridge and can usually manage a decent meal out of -sometimes- a few items if they are all I have before the next food shopping trip.

My husband takes care of grocery shopping since I'm strapped in front of the laptop all day long, and he normally buys what he thinks is the 'basic stuff'

What is your shopping routine? Any tips that might help us save time and shop more efficiently?

My Fear at First

My fear of sharing my chef-me-not experience with friends fits right into the personality - I am a learner by being a doer. I often find more success at any and just about every task that I perform by plunging myself into doing it. I own less than five cookbooks, and every single one of them has very large and clear illustrations of the dishes. I don't read recipes. Not because I'm arrogant and think I know better, but more because my brain doesn't register the how-to section of the cooking method. I do glance at the list of ingredients, but again, I cannot process the measurement aspect. I love watching the Food Network channel just because I don't have to read recipes. All the dishes make sense to me only when I see what they look like as finished products. I do not follow the long (and painful - for me anyway) cooking method - I don't have time for that - I really don't - at least not in this chapter of my life anyway..

This makes me very practical and efficient in my food creation. The creativity part is the part that I like. I do my best in creating dishes full of flavor (and nutrients - I have children from teen all the way down to elementary school ages - the food has to be nutritious)

The Tastes of My Food

All my dishes have to taste great, whether it's green beef and eggplant curry with rice vermicelli or kaomun with somtum and grill chicken, all the way to left over sauteed vegetables from the previous evening that turns into tonight's delicious soup ('like new', as my kid would say), or something as simple as baked macaroni cheese. I love wonton, dimsum and dumplings so one day I decided to make them from my seeing-smelling-chewing-tasting- swallowing experience - and dressed them up in a way that you won't find in a real Chinese restaurant. My kids love Asian meatballs and all kinds of fish and shrimp balls so I make them. Pasta made in every-which-way is highly demand in my family so I have a lot of fun with my unorthodox way of making different kinds of dishes.

I finally succumb/What I hope to accomplish

Alright, now you've got the gist. I finally succumb to writing about what I cook and how I create. Again, I am NOT an expert, just a soprano with a large family who wants to make everybody happy (and full-stomach) while going on her business.

You may find my tips and technique (which is NOT a technique, but more like a survival tool) helpful, full of common sense and sense of humor, therefore, please enjoy, and let me know how it works out for you. But if you find my style not applicable to your own cooking, I still hope you enjoy reading my articles! Please remember that, ultimately, it's going to be all about you and how you use any information you receive from anyone.

My goal of (finally) coming out and write is to spark up ideas that we all have within us - to jazz up life a little (Food is Life - oh yeah!) And my long term goal is to help all make the connection with that little bit of spark within us, wake it up, and apply that very spark with everything we do - not just cooking to survive.

But, whatever you say, CHEF-ME-NOT!!!

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Pradichaya Gafaae Poonyarit - La CoffeeMelodie Suite

Pradichaya Gafaae Poonyarit:

A Thai soprano from head to toe with an attitude of a no-nonsense entrepreneur with innovative ideas and, sometimes, shocking approaches, who fits the phrase "been there, done that" perfectly, and is looking forward to new challenges. A leader, a teacher, a wife, a mother, and, a chef-ME-NOT. All makes a person who turns every situation into a learning experience, and, is super charged with positive energy.

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