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There is no formula for success: each of us makes her own successes. Still, in order to succeed we need advice from those who know.

La CoffeeMelodie Suite is unique in that she has been on the inside of the classical music world as well as having experienced a lifelong background in business. These two strengths enable her to combine her knowledge of the "who and where -" whom do you contact, which organizations?- with the "how -" what's the best business approach?

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The four pivotal events

From high school to college - Parents often anticipate and plan this moment as far back as when their child is very young. One hopes that his child would take on a subject of value when she is ready to continue her college study in order to prepare for a career.

A parent only hopes, usually!

What a great relief it would be if a child informs her parent that she would like to major in science because she would very much like to become a doctor.

But what does a parent do, when his child breaks the news to him that she would like to become a musician? a singer? How about a classical or an opera singer?

Parents, please do not be in a hurry
to talk your son or daughter out of pursing a music career!

Instead of giving an opinion solely based upon your good intention, please do your research. The internet is both a powerful and a wonderful tool, please find out all you can about the specific area of your son's or daughter's interest.

In college and after college - So you are a vocal performance major. You have received much valuable but rather overwhelming and conflicting information from your trusted teachers and professors, anywhere from what voice type you have and where you are now in your voice, all the way to the kind of music you should be singing and the kind of music they say you will end up singing - and no two people give the same opinion about you. Nobody, however, has mentioned anything about what you do after you obtain the undergraduate degree.

That's because there is no formula!

Again, it would have been a lot easier if you had chosen to become a doctor! But you have chosen, with the gifted talent you have, to pursue a music acreer.

Now you are four years more knowledgeable, more mature, and, -we hope- four years wiser. Before you run to your loved ones, though, your most trusted people in the world (and, at this point, still very-well-be your financial benefactors), please do your research.

Do not seek advice before you acquire some information on your own first.

From post graduate to emerging professional - So you decided, after your undergraduate degree, to continue in a specific area of study and pursue a post graduate degree - perhaps even a master degree. Now you have finished with your studies - no more student life - and you are ready to go out and audition for apprentice programs, even for some small companies. If this is your case scenario: Congratulations! There is no need for you to read more of this article.

Unfortunately, this hasn't happened often enough!

It is time to pursue your career, and at the same time your being independent for the first time finds you working a temp job, retail, or waiting tables. You are dedicated, you hone your craft, and you are facing the fear that because you have your new financial responsibilities you won't be able to keep up with lessons, coachings, workshops, attending performances, etc. Soon, you find it difficult even to put aside time for and to keep up with your own practicing.

Find out all the facts and options, and weigh what you learn

Time goes by, you are more mature and your singing is better than ever; yet you find yourself working the same job waiting the same table, but the difference is, you feel that programs and companies have cast you aside and gone right to the younger singers.

It's time to turn to professionals - people who have been 'in the career' and 'know the business' inside-out.

Three words you need to keep in mind.

You will be told about your singing - what repertoire you should be singing based on his or her impression of your presentation. If the person is impressed with you you will be advised to sing for this company, that person, and so on. Remember there are so many singers in the same boat as you are today, so there is the big issue of supply over demand. Things went further south when the American economy reached the critical stage it is in today. You may feel overwhelmed from what you learn from the conversation about the singing career today, and you may have spend an hour or 90 minutes without even being able to get to discuss the 'how to' topic - the most important piece of information that you seek.

Again, three words you need to keep in mind when you leave your session,
and have time to reflect upon it:

Do not be discouraged

There is no problem - only a challenge -
The more the challenge, the more the life-experience you gain.

We look forward to working out your challenges with you. Together we will find options and solutions for your needs.


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