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Brown Eggs and Me

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The story behind my making of Kaipalow -aka braised brown eggs. Featured in Mai-Tai Thai Silk Side dish to accompany the cooking recipe on Chef-Me-Not!! of Coffee Kitchen-La CoffeeMelodie Suite.

Kai = One Egg | Many Eggs | All Eggs!

My mother always said to me that I was never a child- that I was a new born who bypassed the growing process, and poof!!! I became a grown-up.

I'm sure I did something to convince her of this, and I'd like to leave it "as is" for a moment. This part is relevant to my brown eggs story, but only to the part that affects my short-lived state of feeling like a child. Let's just say that my childhood memomries are not lengthy, but I do remember such memories well, and forever will such memories remain with me.

Food has played a major role in my growing up years from when I was one of those scrawny, underweight little things, up until now when I'm somewhat above-weight, and not-so-little.

At the beginning, my mother tried so hard to get me to eat. Although she never begged -not her style- she sometimes bribed me with toys. Some other kids would have grabbed such an opportunty to receive new toys, especially those more-expensive-than-gold imported ones. But not me. Even back then, I always had my principles and I adhered to them. Nothing and no one could get me to eat, unless I made it my own decision to eat.

Then, my mother introduced me to braised brown eggs, aka kaipalow. What an absurd looking dish! Boiled eggs all browned from coconut or palm sugar. Floating in the brown broth are cubes of tofu skin and a lot of Indian spices -cinnamon, star anise, clove, etc. The aroma of these spices and sugar combined, bringing such calmness to the soul -my two-year-old soul at the peak of my temper tantrums, anyway.

Chef-Me-Not!! Coffee Kitchen La CoffeeMelodie Suite

I thought I was hooked, until one day my mother made me "baby" kaipalow. It was made with quail eggs instead of the usual chicken or duck eggs. For the short time I spent as a little girl, anything that came in a size small enough for all my dolls to 'eat' would automatically be given a title "baby" in front of it. And -wow- those baby quail eggs were so delicious!

Chef-Me-Not!! Coffee Kitchen La CoffeeMelodie Suite

Chef-Me-Not!! Coffee Kitchen La CoffeeMelodie Suite Braised Brown Eggs aka Kaipalow -See recipe

Children's Favorite Dish

I wasn't the only one who loved kaipalow, other children did, too.

Kaipalow has been around in Thai cuisine since - something like - forever! I don't know which dynasty created this sweet and salty dish, perfumed with the aroma of Indian spices, but I do know that it was created for children who were choosy eaters. My mother made it for me. I have been making it for my children, as well, and they love it, too!

I also know that ALL my adult foreign friends who try Thai braised brown eggs once or twice vouch for it and will invite themselves over to my house to eat kaipalow and hot jasmine rice whenever I make it.

This superb dish is usually made with cubes of pork tenderloin (cooked long enough to melt in one's mouth), tender pork cartilage, or, my favorite, chicken drumsticks; and also, as I mentioned before, tofu skin.

You have read the story about my brown eggs and me. Let's move to Chef-Me-Not!! so we can start making this aromatic egg dish that tastes so good!

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Tagline: brown eggs | dish | Thai | cooking | recipe | coffee kitchen - A story behind my making of Kaipalow -aka braised brown eggs. My most favorite dish since I was young!
Corresponding Chef-Me-Not!! recipe: Braised Brown Eggs Thai Palow

Mai Tai Recipe

In this order, pour light rum, creme de almond and triple sec into a collins glass. Using equal parts of sweet and sour mix and pineapple juice, fill the glass nearly to the top. Add dark rum, and serve unstirred with a straw.

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