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Breakfast with Family Recipe "Baked Omelette on Toast"

One fine Saturday morning after Brendan had gone back to Pitt, I got up with our -now- family of five and refused to take their usual breakfast orders of eggs cooked four different ways.

"Scrambled eggs with cheese, please," Justin would cheerfully ask.

Kaitlyn's request, "Umm, may I have two fried eggs, with jelly inside, with rice and Maggi, please!"

Kaitlyn loves her eggs cooked so that the yolks remain a little gelatinous. But my DH Ralph prefers them over-hard. Ah, if my father were here I would have to make it very crispy around the watery yolk, and I'd have to make extra lime-nampla-chili sauce so that he could mix it with fried eggs on top of steamy jasmine rice.

If Brendan were home, every once in a while he would ask for rice and steamed eggs, a popular dish which looks and feels like egg custard. "Khunmaae (mother), Tong-ake (it's only polite NOT to use pronouns 'I' and 'You' with parents and people older than the person who does the speaking, and one's proper name is used instead. In this case, Tong-ake is his name.) want kao (rice) and kaitoon (steamed eggs)" Ok, let's make it less confusing. He'd say, "Khunmaae, Tong-ake want kao and kaitoon." - Please note how the proper noun acts as first person; therefore, the verb is treated as if one had used the pronouns "I" and "You."

I got sidetracked. Oh well.

As for Nicholas, he will either go with the flow- "Whatever is easy mom-" or, "Dad, I feel like French toast."

As soon as Justin hears that, he'll say, "Oh, dad, mom, dad, I changed my mind. May I have French toast instead? Oh, oh, with cinnamon. OK? Please? Thank you! I love you, mom. I love you, dad."

Arghhhhhhh....!!!! Not this morning, people!!! I will whip up something of my choice and that will be your breakfast! (I'm not sure what it will be or how it will turn out, but) I promise you it will be great and you all will love it!

Ha! Take that, family!

And I came up with delicious baked omelette on toast, as described in the recipe! And, if you are in the mood for a funny way my family showed me its appreciation, please watch the video of the team's testimonials. Of course their testimonials are NOT biased at all - hahaha!

Baked Omelette on Toast

Chef-Me-Not, The best cooking survival guide by a soprano who is also a wife and a mother
Chef-Me-NOT!!! Cooking on Instinct - Best survival guide by a Thai soprano-wife-mother.

See how she survives day-to-day cooking while applying her Thainess through tips and techniques and fun Thai facts!


I have a large family, and each person in La CoffeeMelodie Suite is very "unique" in her and his demands - I mean, requests. As I threw my hands up in the air while rolling my eyes upward into my brain, I had a mini-light bulb moment of giving them what they want in one shot!!! Why not combine eggs, toast, cheese, and even all the veggie goodies, in one dish?!?!? And this is how I threw together my baked omelette on toast.

You, too, must have felt this way at some point in your life. Doesn't it feel so wonderful? I feel like, yeah, once again, the crazy Thai soprano mom cooking person (Chef-me-not!) has come and conquered - Muahhhhaaaaa!!!!!


What recipe? We all make delicious omelettes, right? For me, it was the first thing I ever made by myself. Seriously: you put together an omelette mixture of your choice - anything you feel like on the day you want to make it. And I will whisper to your ears my SUPER SECRET INGREDIENT:

Breakfast with Family Recipe Baked Omelette on Toast - Chef-Me-NOT!!!

However you put your mixture together: Eggs (a must), mushrooms, onions, peppers, cheese, and three cheers, etc, etc, etc. DO NOT USE SALT, not even a dash. Instead, one heaping table spoon of nammunnhoy - your oyster sauce. Just one spoon in the mixture, and it will take you where you've never gone before :-] Unless, of course, you've already tried out my other recipes that call for nammunnhoy; then, you will revisit... space - the final frontier.

You really don't need to follow my ingredients unless you prefer them over your own :-)

My Omelette Mixture

The portion that I made served 8 people. We had five participants and so three portions were left. (Nothing's left, now: they were all gone before supper)

16 fresh eggs

SIDEBAR - I strongly recommend eggs from hens that are not hormone fed and run around loose on their farms. I just became aware recently, that in the US it is not against the law to feed hormones to animals, while in Europe (and Thailand) it is not permitted. This includes meats, eggs, and milk and cheese products. One small advantage to living in the state of Pennsylvania is that I can go easily to a local farm and purchase fresh eggs, raw milk, and other hormone-free meats. Uhh..this is why you can't get rid of your belly fat, folks. This subject will be a story of its own. -Farm eggs, raw milk, and other farm products saved me from horrible acid reflux which had been gradually and painfully burning away my esophagus and my fragile vocal folds. Not to mention, the problem also ties in with allergies which, in my case, turned into a chronic sinus infection and burning and itchy skin rashes..Yuck!

Chop these ingredients:

1 small sweet onion.

3 large cap mushrooms, or 7 small ones.

1 sweet red pepper - I just like the color! Orange and yellow are nice, too.

1 fist full of sausage - breakfast sausage or summer sausage, or ham. I avoided real meat such as ground pork or chicken because I didn't want the meaty smell in the cooking process.

Cheese - cheddar, Jarlsburg (my choice for today), gouda, etc - I'd stay away from stinky soft cheese such as gorgonzola or blue.

More cheese for topping - I used grated parmasan, but fresh mozzarella would be yummy also.

1 heaping tablespoon of oyster sauce or nammunnhoy. There goes one secret - there's still a lot more where that came from - muahhhaa (just in case you're around just to use me, stick around and I'll let myself be used even more - teehee.)

If you like, a dash of black pepper; but, no garlic power or other seasonings, please - they will overpower the original ingredients.

That's it for the mixture. Pour them all, except the cheese, together in a bowl, and use a whisk to whip it up until it's bubbly.

Breakfast with Family Recipe Baked Omelette on Toast - Chef-Me-NOT!!! Breakfast with Family Recipe Baked Omelette on Toast - Chef-Me-NOT!!!!

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Next Steps

Make 12 slices of toast. I chose 6 slices of white bread and 6 of Pumpernickle. White, because I had to compromise with the kids. You can go wild with breads of your choice!

If you'd rather have bread pudding then do not toast them, and they will come out so soft and moist - another way to enjoy the dish :-) As for me, I like the smell of toast- and I don't like mushy bread- so I prefer toast over soft bread.

In a baking dish (such as a lasagna dish) try to set the toast like domino pieces - which is impossible - leaning them one on another so that not one slice of toast will be completely covered with the omelette mixture.

Cover the toast with the omelette mixture and decorate with cheese and a sprinkle of parmesan.

Breakfast with Family Recipe Baked Omelette on Toast - Chef-Me-NOT!!! Breakfast with Family Recipe Baked Omelette on Toast - Chef-Me-NOT!!! Breakfast with Family Recipe Baked Omelette on Toast - Chef-Me-NOT!!!

Bake - I hope you are more familiar with your oven than I am with mine. I do well on top of the stove but not inside the oven. I'd rather go through all the shennanigans of the over-night process of making the satay sauce than to grill some steaks,broil fish, or roast something! In fact, I'd go over to my aunt Lucille's house for steak instead of wrecking my own! What a disaster, how frustrating - this is why I am not a chef - sigh..

So, you've get the message, that I am of no help as far as how high the temp should be and how long it should bake! But let me throw you out some numbers, anyway. I started out at 350 degrees F. After the first 15 minutes, though, I saw that my omelette didn't react much so I turned the heat up to 375 and left it for another 15 minutes. As you see in the photos and the video the mixture cooked pretty much but still with some liquid. I put it back in, at the same temp of 375, for 10 more minutes and it was all done. It looked so good, smelled even better, and tasted, umm..just watch the video!

Breakfast with Family Recipe Baked Omelette on Toast - Chef-Me-NOT!!! Breakfast with Family Recipe Baked Omelette on Toast - Chef-Me-NOT!!!

In conclusion, I should have preheated at 400 and baked for 10 minutes before I turned it down to 360-370 for another 10-12 minutes. MAYBE. I'm baring my soul out here because we have to be aware of the bottom line; which is, there is no instruction in the world that you should just follow excatly without using your own adjustments. - I call mine gut instinct and commonsense. A sense of humor will add such a delightful flavor to everything you touch! And you know what? There's no right and wrong, only more added experiences to enrich your already wonderful life!!!!

Breakfast with Family Recipe Baked Omelette on Toast - Chef-Me-NOT!!! Breakfast with Family Recipe Baked Omelette on Toast - Chef-Me-NOT!!!

Chef-me-not, Chef-me-not, CHEF-ME-NOT!!!! Share your stories with me. I am sure that they are as much fun and adventurous as mine!!! Have a great breakfast with your great family!

Pradichaya Gafaae Poonyarit Pradichaya Gafaae Poonyarit

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